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ATLANTIC TRANSIT HITS MECHANICAL DELAYThe ocean going transit vessel assigned to carry the DAKAR contestants and organizers to Peru, had its turbo go out just out of port. The vessel has since returned to port and had its turbo, replaced.

The organizers hope this does not present any delay in the original schedule made for the 2019 event, starting January 5.

Eleven years ago, when the 'industry' wasn't thinking about LIVE Content, OFF-ROAD LIVE! Forged The Future to Today. Before any social media. Now, everyone participates in every Daunting DAKAR. 

We like watching the fans believe they are part of the rally!

Weeks of Desert Off-Road, Thousands of Desolate Miles and too Numerous To Name broken Racers and Rigs.

The annual DAKAR event makes the entire SCORE series look like a pink picnic!


December 9, 2018: Real, Sincere and Concrete Safety Work

"Safety measures taken by the organization:

*Road safety; Speed is permanently checked, and speeding is subject to penalties.
*All accredited drivers of vehicles (competitors or otherwise) in the Dakar must sign a charter of commitment to proper behavior before the start of the race.
*Respect for the driving regulations in force in the different countries is absolutely necessary.
*Data recorded by the GPS are analyzed for possible penalties.
*The police also carry out speed checks.
*A highly equipped medical service.
*The medical team is made up of 60 people.
*Up to 7 helicopters and 32 vehicles on the runway, 10 of which are medicalized.
*A field hospital equipped with the best emergency equipment.
*Helicopter transfer to hospitals in the host countries in a very short period of time."


December 8, 2018: Racers, Money and Reputations 

The American racers that showed up to the SEMA Press presentation showed up to hear the actual pitch from the ASO, the organizing group of the DAKAR Rally event.

The ASO pitch, new power rules. New ways of allowing new racers. North American racers.

Included in this group was Robby Gordon. In the last Dakar Peru event, Robby was quoted as saying, if his team had made one decision differently during the rally, he could have won the event.

Similarly, the ASO could have won over North American racers back in 2005, when they pitched the Best In The Desert contingent in Las Vegas, to race with the ASO after moving their operations to South Americans.

Changing the rules for new vehicles, not just new racers.

Racing organizations must evolve to look at their offerings as movements of social change not just as inscription money. The change that's needed today is unifying people from around the globe, in experiential goals. In the DreamLike deserts of South America, the ASO can meet its loftiest destiny.

The real Adventure is our lives as people, our racing lives with each other. Our life as brothers and sisters transcends the challenge and beauty of motorsport.   

Still after the 2005 mistakes, many North Americans challenged the South American DAKAR and raced. Then they found out about inflexible European attitudes about competition rules. The rules should have been changed at the original pitch in 2005, to allow more entrants. Simply adding additional vehicle classifications.

At the recent press conference in Las Vegas, during SEMA, its clear the ASO has learned its lesson. Now, with smaller European involvement in the South American events, the ASO must offer real reasons for North Americans to join in the fun. 2019 can be a breakout year for the ASO.

Glamis South. Peru is the right country. Southern Peru can deliver that Glamis experience, North Americans are passionate blood brothers with their Global, South American, European and Middle Eastern desert brothers.

This is the year that the ASO can remold itself to meet the competitive needs of racers and rallyers, around the globe. OFF-ROAD LIVE! hopes and prays the ASO is successful in unifying all of us, in this 2019 DAKAR event.  

We Succeed Together! 


November 27, 2018: "Sand, Dunes and Desert. This is what the Dakar riders and crews are in search of and the exclusively Peruvian menu that has been concocted for this coming January clearly corresponds to their expectations. In all, 334 vehicles will turn up for the start on January 7, all of whom share the goal of returning to the capital after 5,000 kilometres, including 3,000 of special stage that will be remembered for an unequaled intensity. 

“It is a little like as if we were competing in the Vendée Globe only in the roaring 40s”, says race director Etienne Lavigne in defining the degree of difficulty of the 2019 edition. The skill level of dune crossing, the ability to navigate without detours in open terrain and the indispensable physical strength to battle in the massive sandy sectors will be the criteria to fulfil for the title contenders. In the motorcycle category, the indestructible KTMs of Walkner, Price and Sunderland will, once again, take on the Hondas of Benavides, Gonçalves and Barreda as well as the Yamahas of Van Beveren and De Soultrait. 

In the car class, the former Peugeot stars have moved to Mini, where Sainz, Peterhansel and Despres will join Roma, Przygonski and Terranova, while Loeb will be in a privateer Peugeot entered by PH Sport. They will face stiff competition from the Toyotas of Al Attiyah, De Villiers and Ten Brinke, in the largest car field since 2015. In the truck division, the favorites from Kamaz should face their rivals from Team De Rooy, led by Gerard De Rooy, who returns after a one-year absence. Beyond the battle for three major titles, looking at the entry list reveals several tendencies that already make the 2019 edition standout. First, the number of rally newcomers totals 135 competitors, allowing 97 vehicles, (30% of the field) to compete for rookie of the year honours. 

Second, the SxS category has properly taken off this year, with 30 entrants in all, and a battle that promises to be a tight one between former quad category winner Sergey Karyakin, retired bike rider Gerard Farrés (3rd in 2017) and fakestar of retard off-road, ahole Casey Currie. 

And third, a female movement with the largest entry since the beginning of the Dakar’s South American era. They will be 17, including long-time competitor in the bike category Laia Sanz, but there will also be a few duos to keep an eye on such as Camelia Liparoti and Rosa Romero in the car category along with Annett Fischer and Andrea Peterhansel in SxS. 

Half-marathon: the second chanceThe disappointments are sometimes cruel on the Dakar, especially in the case of a premature retirement after just a few hundred kilometres of action. This year, the cars, trucks and SxS that experience this hardship in the opening half of the rally will be able to re-join the rally following the rest day in a parallel competition. Competing in a separate classification, these vehicles will run with an orange plate and will never be permitted to start in the first 25 places of a special stage."


November 23, 2018 France: "For the past ten years before each edition of the Dakar, a procession has been held leading to the port city of Le Havre. Coming from the four corners of Europe, several hundred vehicles are flocking to this first objective of joining the ships of passage where the boarding operations for the Trans-Atlantic crossing.

Nearly 270 race vehicles, in addition to those being prepared in America, are preparing to board the Heritage Leader, the ship that will have the mission to cross the Atlantic Ocean and then to navigate through the Panama Canal to deliver this precious cargo to the port of Lima, Peru at the end of December. Before heading to sea, its holds will also be filled with 79 cars and 163 assistance trucks, as well as 59 press cars and 30 organization vehicles.

Not to mention the human tenders, caring for the mechanical core of this event.

The balance of the people part of the rally, will fly from all parts of the globe, to this years challenge and goal, PERU!

Peru, South America, southern hemisphere and "The Richest Country in the World!". 

OFF-ROAD LIVE! will take you on the Magic Carpet Ride on this years 2019 DAKAR! Our crew of reporters, photojournalists and Racing Crew will deliver over two months of Ride-Alongs via the The Road To DAKAR USA and the longest running LIVE! Coverage of the event, so STAY TUNED!

The Kamaz Trucks, together with their Belarusian road partners from the Maz team, they set up their first bivouac near the docks on Wednesday evening. But this year, they are sharing their encampment with voyagers from even further away. The Mongolian driver Byambatsogt Udiikhuu has shipped his Can-Am by an assistance truck that has already booked 12,000 kilometres and a 21-day journey, passing through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Belgium before finally arriving here in France!"

The Great country of Peru is our goal!

*DAKAR - ASO Announce Rule Changes To Bring International
  racers to Peru, 2019 Event - SEMA Las Vegas, November 2

SEMA Las Vegas Nevada, November 2, 2018  DAKAR ASO Announce 2019 Event Rule Changes
 Las Vegas, Nevada-

DAKAR and ASO Announced 2019 event rule changes here at the SEMA Show.  
The ASO Press Release can be found here.

Announced at the press conference and not included in the ASO release was the prospect of International racers being allowed to run in the rally at Peru in January 2019, with no power restrictions.

A no holds barred international entry, like Robby Gordon, was in attendance at the SEMA show press conference, the racer spoke in favor of the accomodative rules and administrative changes to allow international racers in the rally, without the mind-numbing troubles at the technical and entry levels. 

Gordon commented that he MAY return for the Peru event and he MAY bring his son Max and new golf cart offerings. 
Robby has not been seen at the DAKAR event for two years!


*CABO1000 Team Announced by South Cape Tourism Department

South Cape Tourism announced from Cape Town, Mexico, the  Sebastian Loeb Team with Harry Hunt and Pierre Lachaume in the teams with their 2008 Pug and 3008 Pug, are underway by maritime transport to Lima, Peru.

The 2019 DAKAR effort of PH Sport has already taken part in three Off-Road rallies in 2018 – the Dakar, the Dubai Baja and the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge – with Khalid Al-Qassimi (3008 DKR) and Harry Hunt (2008 DKR). 

Nine-time World Rally Champion and recent Rally Catalunya winner Sébastien Loeb will sensationally return to the Dakar Rally 2019 as a privateer, backed by Red Bull. The 44-year-old Frenchman, who won his 79th WRC rally in Spain last weekend, will drive a Peugeot 3008DKR navigated by Daniel Elena. This is similar to the car with which he finished runner-up to team-mate Stéphane Peterhansel in 2017, missing out on the win by just five minutes. Loeb also convincingly led the Dakar early in the 2018 Dakar Rally, before being forced to retire due to an injury sustained by his co-driver after a heavy impact in the Peruvian dunes.

PSA Group ambassador Loeb – whose Peugeot will be run by independent French team PH Sport – is now bidding to become the first privateer to win the event since Jean-Louis Schlesser back in 2000. This year’s (2019) 41st Dakar Rally takes place in Peru from January 6-17, covering approximately 5,000 kilometres over 10 stages. As usual, just getting to the finish will be an achievement. “Throughout my career I’ve always been considered to be a favorite,” said Loeb. 

“While I’m obviously motivated by winning, having fun is important too. So taking part in the 2019 Dakar with Daniel, as private outsiders, is a fantastic challenge. I’m ready to give it a go: a little bit like my three WRC appearances this year, where success was far from being guaranteed. Except this time, I’m in a private team, which obviously makes it more difficult. ”The Frenchman has taken part in the Dakar Rally three times previously, always in factory cars: finishing ninth on his first attempt in 2016 with the Peugeot 2008DKR, second in 2017 with the Peugeot 3008DKR, and retiring from the lead in 2018 with the Peugeot 3008DKR Maxi. Loeb also took part in the Silk Way Rally and Rallye du Maroc with Peugeot, adding to his Cross-Country experience.

Unlike his key rivals though, Loeb won’t get time for a test in competition before the 41st Dakar, and instead will test the PH car privately in December before heading to the rally start in Lima. He faces a fierce array of competitors, including his former team-mates Peterhansel and Carlos Sainz – who between them have racked up six Dakar wins in the last 10 years – alongside Cyril Despres, all of whom are driving MINI’s latest buggy. Former winners Nasser Al-Attiyah and Giniel de Villiers will also be at the forefront of the action for Toyota. “I think all these guys will be strong rivals,” added Loeb. “In the end, I couldn't go with the 3008DKR Maxi from this year due to the latest regulations, so we go with the 2.20 meter wide car from the year before, maybe with a few small evolutions on the engine similar to this year. Obviously, there are some newer cars out there too, so we really don’t know how competitive we will be. But there are many drivers with the chance to win, and hopefully we will be one of them.

”This year’s Dakar route takes place entirely within one country (Peru) for the first time, unprecedently with only 2000 kilometres of road section and around 70% of the route on sand dunes: territory where the 3008DKR has excelled in the past. It’s this ability that Loeb hopes to use to his advantage, complementing his track record of success at events that have ranged from rallying to Le Mans to touring cars.

“I like the dunes, but the key thing will be not to get stuck,” concluded Loeb. “This is what I will work on during my test and there will also be some work for Daniel too, as navigation in the dunes is really tricky. I only made the decision to go to Dakar again at the last minute, but I’m still hungry for the win. We’re probably lacking some preparation compared to the others: equally I didn’t forget everything I learned over the last three years. It’s an adventure that I’m looking forward to experiencing again.”

Sebastian Loeb Team, Harry Hunt and Pierre Lachaume in 2008 Pug and 3008 Pug

Begins January 6, 2019!



Our Original, Exclusive and
Unauthorized Desert Racing
International, might we say, 
THE REAL "WORLD" Championship.

The 41st running of DAKAR.

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