AMSOIL CORR Official Oil

AMSOIL The First in Synthetics Announced CORR Sponsorship

AMSOIL INC, The First in Synthetics, will continue its rise in the off-road racing market after signing an exclusive, three-year marketing deal with Championship Off Road Racing. Starting in 2008, AMSOIL will become the Official Oil of CORR through 2010.CORR offers the top teams in short course off-road racing.

The series will broadcast eight rounds of the Baldwin Cup on NBC Sports. Bill Weber and Wally Dallenback, both of NASCAR fame, will provide the play-by-play and analysis for the 13.5 hours of network coverage. CORR has also announced that both its NBC and SPEED coverage will include live, High-Definition broadcasts, and that the NBC coverage will increase from 60 minutes of airtime per race in 2007 to 90 minutes per race in 2008.

“AMSOIL believes in the vision and ambition that CORR has demonstrated over the past few years,” says AMSOIL Race Program Manager Jeremy Meyer. “They have the top competition, the best television package and the resources to push off-road racing into an exceptional period of growth and excitement for years to come. Along with our off-road racers Scott Douglas and Mike Oberg, the addition of CORR is a major boost to an already successful racing program at AMSOIL.”

The 2008 season begins April 26-27 at the Los Angeles County Fairlplex, just ten miles from downtown Los Angeles. The Pro 2 and Pro 4 points races from that event will air live on SPEED with the Cup races airing on NBC in May. CORR will also race in Chula Vista, Calif., and Primm, Nevada.



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