CORR Season Testing Session at Terrible's PRIMM Raceway

Some of the nation's top team came to the Terrible's Vegas Primm track for the first testing session of the 2008 season. On Friday, February 29, 2008, CORR Officials appeared to be very proud to host the first official test session of the year and many of the nation's top off road racing teams took advantage of this test session.

Monster Energy's Johnny Greaves, Rockstar's Tim, Troy and Ed Herbst, Red Bull's Steve Barlow and Ricky Johnson, Menzie's Motorsports Rob MacCachren are only a few of those that arrived for the testing sesssion.

The weather cooperated,the sound of CORR engines had everyone smiling as trucks and buggies took to the track. Using the 2007 Primm designed track, Tony Vanillo and his track crew ran a smooth operation for the first session of the season.



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