CORR Spec Racing Now Available

Suspensions Unlimited in partnership with RHMotorsports is bringing it hard to CORR Pro Spec Racing

Suspensions Unlimited in partnership with RHMotorsports is bringing it hard to CORR Pro Spec Racing. We are in the process of building 4 trucks at the same time so as to get the build cost down a bit. As such, we are going to do something pretty unique........but time is of the essence as we want these trucks on the track for the April opener.

The goal is to have a race proven Pro-2 race truck design that has been endorsed by the likes of Greaves, Vanden Heuvel, and Baudoux compete in the Pro Spec class. RHM has meticulously engineered the vehicle over the last few years and has now defined a way to manufacture a chassis for a lower price without compromising quality. Again, Suspensions Unlimited will be the exclusive West Coast distributor and replicate their industry leading trackside support model to support the SU Pro Spec race trucks.

The numbers:
The current price of a turnkey Pro-2 is realistically 190-220K.
The current price of a turnkey Pro-Spec is realistically 155-190K.
SU is prepared to sell a turnkey Pro-Spec truck for 150K if the volume is right.
In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to the class, SU is offering a 2008 Pro Spec Driver/Team Sponsorship package to the first four people that step up and purchase a truck. Again, timing is everything!!!
You must have represent a legitimate program and intend on racing/winning. I do not want people using this as a way to profit on our hard work and doing a quick resell. You must adhere to the reasonable terms set forth in the sponsorship agreement.

The truck cost is 150K. SU will provide a primary sponsorship for the 2008 season of 40K. In trade we get signage and activation like any normal sponsorship. The net cost of the truck to you is 110K.

THAT'S RIGHT--TURNKEY READY FOR THE TRACK PRO-SPEC TRUCK FOR 110K, We will provide the truck and the sponsorship deal and you bring the resources and program as required to be competitive. In addition, SU has full intentions of providing the same high level of track side support that we currently offer our other vehicle customers. We are already at the races so it is simply a matter of stocking parts and such so that you can again reduce your cost of going racing. As any business, the oversubscription of parts will be based on # of trucks on track or sold. There will also be technical resources to lend trackside guidance as well.

Bottom line is that this package costs less than racing Pro-Lite, you get to race the large trucks, the overall risk of popping motors and overall cost of racing is less, and if you execute swiftly and partner with SU you get the truck for 40-60K less. If you are serious and able send an email to Brian at or call direct at 909.647.3333. We have one truck done and driving if you want to meet for a demo.



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