Oberg Motorsports working on CORR PRO-2 year

Oberg Motorsports is ready for the upcoming 2008 Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) season. Mike Oberg and Crew Chief/Chief Mechanic Cory Lambert, have been putting in long hours at the shop in Eagle River, getting the #80 PRO-2 ready to do battle. “We’re starting the season with the same chassis that Keith Stamper built new two seasons ago.” says Mike Oberg team owner/driver. “Within the next couple of weeks we hope to have a brand new Stamper-built PRO-2 ready as a back-up. We are going after nothing other than a PRO-2 Championship and we are going to be prepared for anything they can throw at us.”

The Oberg Team has competed in PRO-2/PRO-2WD (CORR/WSORR) for the last two seasons and has come in second both times. In the first shot at that PRO-2 Championship, Mike was named PRO Rookie of the Year, the World Champion at Crandon, and won the inaugural of the “Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup.”

“This team has what it takes to win the championship and we’ve proven that time and time again”, says Mark “Gilly” Gelhausen Team Manager and Promotional Director, “We’ve just got to find that little extra edge to push us over the top.”

That edge we are looking for is having great people and companies standing beside us. “No one can ask for better support than what we get from our top supporter AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants,” says Oberg. “They go above and beyond anything we ever could have expected. The products they make are phenomenal.” Oberg Motorsports has proven the durability of the AMSOIL products. When other teams have fallen out due to motor problems, the Oberg team has never lost a motor. In fact, the entire 2007 season was completed using only one motor and it was never even freshened.

“The guys at Pro Power were astonished at how well that motor held up. They are now telling other teams to use AMSOIL,” says Oberg. “Heck Roger Harrison of J&H Transmission , has told us over and over to never use anything other than that AMSOIL in the tranny”. AMSOIL has also been named the “Official Oil of CORR”.

The team also receives great support from Kumho Tires Oberg Motorsports has been competing on Kumho Tires since the 2002 season. “Ed Cercek and his guys are on site each weekend,” states Oberg. “You can’t ask for a better group to work with. We have worked with other tire companies over the years but not one compares to Kumho.” Kumho came into this sport strong and has won many races and championships.

Also new for 2008 is a newly revamped AMSOIL/Kumho Super Team. The two-member team consisting of Oberg and Douglas Motorsports, is going to start the season with a new color scheme. “This is a new beginning for the teams, so a complete makeover has been done on the trucks. The transporter will be leaving the shop today sporting new paint and graphics as well. Working with Scott and Jackie Douglas of Douglas Motorsports, has been great all around and it’s easy being teammates when we’re friends off the track as well,” says Gilly. “The AMSOIL/Kumho Super Team is getting stronger.”

The CORR season begins on April 26 at the LA County Fairplex in Pomona CA.

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