Bilek Racing Silver State 300 Sept. 25, 26 & 27 BITD

Best In The Desert Announces New Race!

Things are changing fast in the world of off-road desert racing and we are running hard to keep up. We must always keep abreast of new rules and regulations in the land management world and the environmental world. We continually try to bring you the best off-road racing possible. Every race has its challenges but keeping the great sport of off-road desert racing exciting, new and challenging, that is what’s important. With the Bilek Racing Silver State "300" Best In The Desert is bringing a whole new challenge that will become one of your favorite races; a race in the great high desert of Eastern Nevada!

What can be more exciting than to race on some of the most scenic desert land in our country? The Bilek Racing Silver State "300" offers you not only scenic value, but a great race course. The course will have a mixture of high-desert mountains, sand-washes, and some of the most awesome scenic views that will make you want to stop your race vehicle and just take it all in. You will race through the Pahroc Summit area where you will see unbelievable rock formations, the Dalamar Valley, where the ghost town of Dalamar was located and where gold was discovered in 1890, the Cathedral Gorge area where you will see eroded spires, towers and columns of tan bentonite clay and Pioche, which in 1870 was considered to be one of the wildest mining camps in the West. Pit # 6 is in Caliente, at the Railroad yard, dating back to the late 1800’s!

Not only does the Bilek Racing Silver State "300" offer a race rich in scenic beauty but this part of Eastern Nevada is rich in American History. The race will start in the Alamo area, a town established in 1901 and was an important area for cattle ranching, and still is today. You will see that cattle ranching is alive and well in the deep green pastures of Pahranagat Valley. You will then travel north through Caliente, a town where in 1901 the Union Pacific Railroad and the Oregon Short Line claimed the same territory and the same set of tracks. The course takes you to the Caselton area where silver was discovered in 1868 at the Prince Mine.

The entire area is rich in history and the Bilek Racing Silver State "300" will give you an opportunity to go back in time and experience what it must have been like to live as a cattle rancher, a miner or a railroad man. This is not only a great race but a great event to bring your entire family to; remember Best In The Desert is about creating memories and the Bilek Racing Silver State "300" will definitely live up to your expectations. The Bilek Racing Silver State "300" is an event, not just another race!

Race headquarters will be in the beautiful town of Mesquite, Nevada, at the Oasis Hotel & Casino. Registration, Tech Inspection and Contingency will be held on Friday, September 26, and the race will take place on Saturday, September 27! The start line is in Alamo and the finish line will be in Mesquite.

Remember, life is short, you need to live your life to the fullest each day and grasp all of the excitement and the challenges live has to offer. I don’t want you to miss out racing on a great course and seeing what this part of Nevada has to offer. This is my personal invitation to come join me to a great event in Eastern Nevada, the Bilek Racing Silver State "300"! I look forward to seeing you in Mesquite in September!



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