Off-Road Veteran Uncle Max Passes, Off-Road 1 Salutes

Off-Road 1 Salutes Uncle Max of KLPZ Parker, Arizona

Uncle Max, a commentator with KLPZ every year for the Parker 425 off-road races since the early 90s, has passed into Off-Road History at a California hospital after suffering an aneurysm and associated brain hemorrhage. He remained in a coma for several days after doctors say he suffered some brain damage.

Max was a veteran of the sport of off-road racing and was well-known by many, particularly other long-term racers and fans and of course KLPZ listeners. His sister Linda is a Parker resident and part-time employee at KLPZ.

Off-Road Salutes Uncle Max and KLPZ for the amazing coverage of the Historic Parker Desert Race.




"Everyone who knew Max is invited. Bring your cars, bikes, quads, pre-runner, etc. as Max's ashes will be scattered over the desert, from atop MAX’s Hill.

But first the party:

1.) Starts Saturday, October 3, around Noon.
2.) Various games and fun things to do including a Poker Run (2 p.m. - $10.00 entry – 100% payback) and a Long & Accurate Drive contest (3 p.m.), for those of you who are into golf.
3.) Bring your camper, motorhome, trailer, there will be plenty of room to park—on-a-first-come-first-serve-basis, however as it is on private property, you can also park in the open desert. Signs will tell you where. proxy_current_url, Proctor and 138th, Alta Vista Rancho.
4.) The CHECKERS will provide plenty of booze, however we also recommend that you bring your own if there's something you especially like or would like to share with others. Likewise, we'll have food, but we just don't know how many people will be attending, therefore we ask that you bring anything you'd like to eat. We will have one or two extra large BBQ units that we can use to cook up your meat, chicken or fish.
We believe that there's going to be hundreds of people attending. SO POTLUCK IS IN ORDER. Again, it is on a first-come-first-serve-basis.
5.) Bring your "MAX Tales." There will be plenty of time to regale us with those great stories of “Uncle Max.” If you want to be included in the program and be in front of the mic, please send us your name and approximately how long it's going to take you to tell your favorite “Uncle Max” tale. Fair warning; if any of the CHECKERS don't like your story or it's too boring, or you're too drunk to tell it, we'll drop you in our DESERT pool (by that time of the day, you don't even want to get near it). No sense making everyone else miserable.
6.) NO SAD STORIES. This is MAX's party, he wished it to be fun and wild. We'll roll you down the hill if you tell any sad stories.
7.) Anyone who is planning to imbibe in excess, you must deposit with our CHECKERS “Sergeant of Arms” the keys to your vehicle, motorhome, etc. You will NOT be allowed to drive home if you've even touched more than one beer. BEWARE: We’ll stretch a rope across two hills, and if you can walk across without falling 30-feet, you’re not drunk! So plan on staying the night.
8.) Dinner will be around 6 p.m., again help the cause and bring something with you. Please tell us what you'll bring so that we don't wind up with 200 apple pies, or 150 cheese cakes or 2000 rolls. Potato salads, regular salads, fruit salads, spaghetti, Chateau Brien, or Filet Mignon, Tri-Tip, Kam Pao Beef (just kidding), all that stuff is good.
9.) Around 8 p.m. we will all take a ride to MAX'S HILL, about 3.5 miles from all activities. It's all off-road and there's no need for you to get on any streets. There's also no need for you to be a "hot dog" during the parade, or show off and roll it because the DIRT TEAM of CALIFORNIA CITY will deal with you otherwise.

We'll ride to the top the hill (everyone should make it, if not then walk up, it's not that high), say a few words about the old FA R T and spread his ashes, and then let the party really begin.
10.) We'll return to the main compound where there will be music, dancing to a live band and prizes awarded.
11.) If you have banners representing your race team, your club or your businesses, bring them, we have a great place to put them. Bring your own shade and chairs as well.
12.) We also have several other desert games planned to pass the night away, like the "Mini-bike Jousting, the Jack-Off-Road Challenge, and the world famous, never before seen outside CHECKERS PARTIES, the BBBs."
13.) Everyone is welcome to stay overnight (recommended), and in the morning, help pick up your mess and that of others and realize that you have experienced one of the greatest CHECKERS OFF-ROAD DESERT PARTIES EVER!

For more details or to contact us to RSVP, please e-mail to: Hope to see many of you October 3!"



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