Steve Strobel Wins Overall & Trick Truck Class! Shane Esposito Takes Motos! VEGAS TO RENO 2011 LIVE!

Steve Strobel Wins Trick Truck! Shane Esposito Takes Motos!


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We will add all enteries (dnf's) as we complete the results

1. Steve Strobel, Dale Ebberts, Nathan Ellis #94 Ford
2. Garrick Freitas, Danny Freitas, Steve Shanan, Trevor Freitas #1572 Jimco
3. BJ Baldwin, Bobby Baldwin, Chad Ragland, Johnny Nelson #1 Chevy
4. Steven Appleton, John Armas #1559 Jimco
5. John Swift, Steve Olliges, Daniel Liewellyn, Jonathan Swift #28 Ford
6. Chuck Hovey #1518 Jimco
7. Jerry Zaiden, Jerry Welchel, Craig Hall, Scott Zindroski #75 Camburg
8. Scott Whipple, Scott Gailey, Patrick Gailey, Johnny Stroschein #95 Ford
9. Justin Lofton, Bob Lofton, Russell Szymanski #1577 Jimco
10. Greg Nunley #10 Chevy
Results as of 8:00 PM August 20, 2011

Part 1 Racing CallOuts& George Antill in Vegas
PART 2 - Vegas To Reno Time Trial Results
***CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW WITH Casey Folks...8.10.2011***
The BIGGEST BADDEST LIVE! SHOW From LAS VEGAS & The San Diego area El Cajon Off-Road Day and the Vegas To Reno Launch***

The Longest Off-Road Race in the United States, the BITD TSCO "Vegas to Reno" is here!

OFF-ROAD LIVE! kicked-off the festivities on Wednesday, August 17th LIVE! from Las Vegas Nevada and El Cajon California. Time Trials results were reported LIVE!

TODAY! Race day starts at 5 AM PT, with an approximate 24-hr time limit. The LIVE! Webcast of the race is LIVE! NOW!

2011 Vegas To Reno

Race Maps & GPS Files
Dangers - the GPS coordinates will be posted Wednesday, this is the Danger List, these are dangers that we felt were worth noting. If they don't match the "red cross" dangers on the gps map it's because we did not round up or down, use the dangers on the gps map.

From Last Years 2010 Vegas To Reno:


Right Here On

More than 270 entries for Best in the Desert’s TSCO “Vegas to Reno” Race 
 Las Vegas, Nevada, August 11, 2011 
Best in the Desert’s Casey Folks announced today that more than 270 entries
have already signed 
up to compete in the epic TSCO Vegas to Reno race on
August 18-20. With more entries continuing 
to come in, 
close to 300 are expected by race day. 
The steadily growing field features big numbers 
in several classes.
Three of the fastest classes have a total of 87 entries so far. 
There are 27 800+ horsepower Trick Trucks; 
39 Class 1500 unlimited buggies, and 21 Class 7200 
Mini Trick Trucks. 
On the powersports front, there are 15 UTVs, 22 quads
and 75 motorcycles registered.
The entry list reads like a “who’s who” of the world’s foremost off-road racers.
B.J. Baldwin, Chad Ragland, brothers Tim and Troy Herbst, Larry Roeseler, 
Mark McMillin, 
John Swift, Steve Olliges, Jason Voss, Will Staats, 
Mastercraft’s Robbie Pierce, Steve Sourapas, 
Rick Geiser, Rick D. Johnson,
Jerry Zaiden, Jesse Jones, Roger Norman, Mark Weyhrich, 
Steve Strobel and 
Scott Whipple are among the ranks of the Trick Truck racers. 
The long list of Class 1500 drivers include: 
2010 defending class champion Chris Kemp, Gary Weyhrich, Chuck Hovey, 
Sam Berri, 
Shannon Campbell, Mike Childress, Pat Dean, T.J. Flores and 
Steven Appleton. 
At 549 miles in length, the Best In The Desert TSCO “Vegas to Reno” race is 
“The Longest Off-Road Race in the United States". 
It also marks the midway point 
for the five-race 2011 Best In The Desert 
season featuring the car and truck classes 
and is one of the most popular 
events on the schedule.
The challenge and adventure of competing in such a long distance
“point to point” 
races always brings out the top off-road race teams. 
Not only is this going to be 
a big event but it’s also the 15th running of 
TSCO “Vegas to Reno.” 
Open to all Best In The Desert classes – cars, trucks, UTVs, quads and 
motorcycles, following is a list of the 2010 TSCO “Vegas to Reno
defending class winners: 
 2010 Car and Truck Class Winners by Overall Time 
Class 1400             Rick D Johnson/Brian Salee                         Ford                         
Class 1500             Chris Kemp/Darron Moore                         Jimco                         
Class 1200             Troy Vest/Geno Licitra                                     
Chevrolet             10:55:09 
Class 1000             Chad Giguiere/JJ Schnarr                         Custom             
Class 7200             Al Hogan/Pat Bell                                     
Ford                         11:11:47 
Class 8000             Macrae Glass/Michael DeHaas                         Ford                         
Class 1100             Lee Banning Sr/Lee Banning Jr                         
Banning             11:36:59 
Class 2000             Kevin Smith/Brian Smith                         Mirage                         
Class 5500             Earl Desiderio/Christian Hammerskjold             Custom             
Class 7300             Jayson Strachan/James Burman             Ford                         
Class 8100             Tim Casey/Mike Tuba                                     
Ford                         13:18:00 
Class 4400             Dave Cole/Jason Scherer                         Custom             
Class 7100             Steve Rose/Robbie Cockrell                         Ford                         
Class 1700             Bob Standage/Kyle Standage                         Jeep                         
Class 1800             David Kincaid/Mark Johnson                         Custom             
Class 5000             Todd Davis/Mark Bowman                         Jimco                         
Class 6000             Louis Chamberland/Jim Riley                         
TrophyLite             21:18:10 
2010 Motorcycle, Quad & UTV Class Winners by Overall Time 
Open Pro             Quinn Cody                                                 
Honda                         9:21:18 
Open Exp             Robert Patterson/Jesse Canepa/ 
Clint Braun                                                 Yamaha             
O-30 Pro             Michael Johnson/Rex Cameron                         Honda                         
4-Stk Exp             Robert Hunter/Kyle Hucklebridge/ 
Max Eddy Jr                                                 Custom             
4-Stk Pro             Zach Watson/Rex Mike                                     
Kawasaki             10:21:58 
Quad Pro             Greg Stuart/Nicholas Granlund                         
Custom             10:26:30 
O-30 Exp             Bill Witt/Kevin Johnson/Allan Ashely             Honda                         
O-50 Exp             Doug Smith/Dave Potts/Bill Boyer             Honda                         
250 Pro             Lucas Garcia/Justin Criner                         KTM                         
Ironman Exp             Leonard Baca                                                 
Kawasaki             11:32:51 
Open Am             Donald Stark/Peter Marzano/ 
F Buccovich                                                 Honda                         
O-40 Exp             Larry Brown/Lance Horton                         Honda                         
Quad Exp             Ken George/Trent Kendall/Joe Ramos             Yamaha             
250 Am             Scott Jacobson/Garrett Tolman/ 
Eric Caudillo                                                 Honda                         
QIM Exp             Gerald Nunes                                                 
Honda                         12:17:17 
250 Exp             Jeremy Purvines/Jason Trubey/ 
Ron Purvines                                                 Honda                         
Ironman Am             Sam Longson                                                 
Yamaha             12:10:22 
4 Stk Am             William Banuelos/Matt Banuelos/ 
Rigo Navarro                                                 Honda                         
O-40 Am             Stephen Orton/Daniel Burkart                         KTM                         
O-40 Pro             John Intile/Brett Burkitt                                     
Husaberg             14:08:02 
125 Exp             Larry Perkins/Thomas Flores                         KTM                         
Quad Am             Michael Zelenka/John Zelenka                         Yamaha             
Class 1900             Brandon Schueler/Chad Riccio/West/ 
VanDeLoo                                                 Polaris                         
Class 1900S             Rocker Head/Gary Peterson                        
Kawasaki             16:08:24 
TSCO “Vegas to Reno” Events schedule: 
Thursday, August 18th – Registration, Contingency and tech inspection, 
Aliante Station Hotel & Casino in North Las Vegas. 
Friday, August 19th – Race for all classes starts near Beatty, 
finishes at the Dayton Event Center. 
Saturday, August 20th – Awards presentation in 
Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort. 
The weekend gets started Wednesday, August 17th, for Trick Truck and 
Class 1500 open class buggy racers as they qualify in the Time Trails to determine 
their starting positions and compete for the $1000 “Team Ford Pole Award”.
Not relying simply on “the luck of the draw” for the starting order, 
Best In The Desert allows the two fastest classes to compete head-to-head for 
their chance to be first off the line and the best opportunity for 
the overall finishing spot. 
TSCO “Vegas to Reno” marks the third race of the year for the 
2011 Trick Truck Challenge. 
The Challenge features 23 of the world’s top 
Trick Truck race teams shooting for a share 
of the $134,000 in bonus cash
and year end trophy. To date, 
$42,600 has been paid out for the 
Parker “425” and Silver State “300” top finishers. 
Red Bull will be supporting contingency at the 
Aliante Station Resort & Casino in North Las Vegas
and also at the finish line at the Dayton, Nevada Event Center. 
Best In The Desert official sponsors: Ford Motor Company – official truck, 
General Tire – official tire, Lucas Oil – official oil, VP Racing Fuels – official fuel, 
KC HiLiTES – official light, John Deere – official UTV, Husqvarna – official motorcycle, 
Fabtech - Official Suspension, Fall Advertising, Prerunner Maniac, McKenzies, 
PCI Race Radios, Azunia Tequila, and Sportsman Cycle Sales. 
The American Off-Road Racing Series…Best In The Desert! 

VEGAS TO RENO 2011 Economic Impact
A race through the Nevada desert isn't top of mind for Northern Nevada special events, but the annual Best in the Desert race from Beatty to Dayton packs hotel and motel rooms throughout Reno and Carson City, event organizers say.

Peggi Gold, president of Rope Marketing in Reno, says organizers already received more than 150 entries for the 550-mile race, which includes more than 900 crew and 400 volunteers. An entourage of several thousand racing fans is expected to follow the off-road race route as well.

Gold has booked nearly 1,000 rooms on Friday and on Saturday for race participants and fans at the Grand Sierra Resort, and last week she was still scrambling to book additional rooms at other hotels.

The one-day race begins at 5 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 19 and ends when racers cross the finish line at Dayton Events Center. An awards ceremony expected to draw 900 people is scheduled for Aug. 20 at Grand Sierra Resort.

“As they come through this area, many of the motels in Carson City are sold out,” Gold says. “A lot of people also book their own rooms so we have no way to track them. This (event) brings a lot of money to the hotels.”

Casey Folks organized the first Best in the Desert race in 1996. The route, which includes part of the Pony Express Trail, starts at 2,500 feet in elevation and climbs to heights greater than 9,000 feet. The event has grown to include race teams from across the U.S., as well as Spain, Montreal and South Africa.

Folks says the economic impact of the race is in the millions of dollars, and many small communities, such as Mina and Beatty, experience a huge jolt in taxable sales. The average truck team, he says, spends about $50,000 to participate in the race.

“We are impacting rural Nevada like they have never been,” he says. “If you put a line of support vehicles on the highway, it would be a solid line from Beatty to Tonopah. There are at least 3,000 support people following the event, and it is a huge financial impact to Nevada. It is a big industry, and it brings a lot of dollars to Nevada.”


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