***TransWest Ford Henderson “250”***Best In The Desert's Trick Truck Challenge Henderson Nevada This Weekend!


Entry List 

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Car Truck Draw Order
MC Q UTV Draw Order

Check out some of these close races:  (these are 4 race calculations, we deleted the lowest points...)
Class 1100 - Folks 282, Parkhouse 278, Banning 278, Ryan 272
Class 1400 - Strobel 333, Baldwin 332, Swift 327

Class 1700 - Helton 266, Thorvick 266 - A Tie!!!
Class 7200 - Hogan 331, Caspino 320, Kovach 307
Open Pro - Pearson 307, Esposito 297, Parsons 279
Over 30 Sportsman - Starks 297, Campbell 295, Herling 287
Over 40 Sportsman - Davidge 307, Gremel 285, Patterson 278
Quad Pro - Prather 240, Greenholz 236, Stuart 226
UTV Pro - Scheuler 367, Parks 364, Murray 324

Thursday Trials Results

Camburg Racing Rollover!

Best In The Desert’s Trick Truck Challenge Cup ~ a battle to the end! 
            Best In The Desert is proud to announce that the Trick Truck 
Challenge has been a huge success for the 2011 racing season.  Twenty-Two (22) 
of the best racers in the country put in an additional $5000 for prize money to 
be paid out to the top 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place Trick Truck winners in 
each of the five Best In The Desert races.  The prize money added up to $108,000 
paid out and another $18,000 will be paid out as a Year-End Bonus to the 1st, 
2nd and 3rd place year-end winners.  Now that is some serious money to take home 
by racing Best In The Desert; plus the Best In The Desert payback class money, 
any way you look at it the Trick Truck 1st Place winner is going home with a lot 
of money! 
            The Trick Truck race is still up for grabs and will be one of the 
closest races ever followed by all race enthusiasts.  In Best In The Desert a 
racer must start all five races, but can throw out their lowest points.  This 
means that the Trick Truck race is actually a battle to the end, this is how it 
plays out after you have dropped the racers lowest scores going into the 
TransWest Ford Henderson “250”: 
Steve Strobel                        333 points 
            BJ Baldwin                        332 points            1 point 
difference from 1st 
            John Swift                        327 points            6 point 
difference from 1st 
            Steve Sourapas            318 points            15 point difference 
from 1st 
            Bobby Baldwin            315 points            18 point difference 
from 1st 
            Greg Nunley                        311 points            22 point 
difference from 1st 
            Adam Householder            302 points            31 point 
difference from 1st 
Truck Truck Challenge Cup participants: 
            1)            Adam Householder            # 24 
            2)            BJ Baldwin                         #   1 
            3)            Ed Stout                         # 13           
            4)            Greg Nunley                        # 10 
            5)            Jerry Zaiden                         # 75 
            6)            Jesse Jones                         # 76 
            7)            Jimmy Nuckles             # 48 
            8)            Kevin McGillivray            # 56 
            9)            Lloyd Sproule                         # 65 
            10)            Marc Ewing                         # 68 
            11)            Mark Weyhrich            #   9 
            12)            Rich Voss                        # 35 
            13)            Rick D. Johnson            # 71 
            14)            Rob MacCachren             # 30 
            15)            Scott Whipple                         # 95 
            16)            Shawn Croll                         # 32 
            17)            Steve Croll                         # 33 
            18)            Steve Olliges/Swift            # 28 
            19)            Steve Sourapas            #   6 
            20)            Steve Strobel                        # 94 
            21)            Tim Herbst                         # 19 
            22)            Troy Herbst                         # 49 

TransWest Ford Henderson “250”
The last race on the Best In The Desert’s 2011 calendar is shaping up to be a real duel amongst competitors, with so many season class points championships riding on it. A total of 14 car and truck class championships will be decided at the end of the day when the dust settles on this last race of the season. The TransWest Ford Henderson “250” is also a “double points” race, so anything can happen in the final points shuffle.

A number of Trick Truck drivers still have a shot at taking the season championship crown. Coming into this race, Steve Strobel holds a fourteen-point lead over John Swift with Steve Sourapas sitting just 6 points behind Swift. Not far back and ready to strike should something happen to the top three, is Greg Nunley, Adam Householder and 2010 defending champ B.J. Baldwin. So it comes down to whichever driver and team that can put together the perfect race for the win, probably goes home with the championship.
In Class 1500 for the unlimited buggies, Steve Appleton holds the lead with 463 points heading into Henderson with Garrick Freitas not far behind with 450.

The Class 1100 championship comes down to a chase between Bryan Folks at 347 points, Brent Parkhouse at 337, Lee Banning Sr. at 335 and Gregg Ryan with 334…it couldn’t it be any closer.

Three drivers have a shot at winning the Class 7200 championship. Only 28 points separate Steve Kovach, Alan A. Hogan and David Caspino, making for yet another extremely tight and exciting fight for the class championship.

Not only will this be a great race for the racers and teams, but it’s also going to be an exciting event for racing fans too. The TransWest Ford Henderson “250” is a spectator friendly event. The Time Trials are open for public viewing as well as two designated “spectator only” areas on BLM owned land for the actual race. The BLM gave their approval for them due the extreme attention to safety for all involved by Casey Folks and Best In The Desert in all their events. Best In The Desert personnel will man both of these “spectator only” areas and feature easy paved road access to the course with portable restroom facilities provided.
TransWest Ford Henderson “250”
December 2-4, 2011 – Henderson, Nevada

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1:00 PM – Time Trials begin for Class 1100 and combined Classes 1400 & 1500
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM – Media and Pre-Race Kick-Off Party with the announcement of Time Trials results Fiesta Henderson Hotel Casino, 777 West Lake Mead Drive
Friday, December 2, 2011
10:15 AM to 6:00 PM – Contingency & Technical Inspection for all race vehicles
On Water St. in downtown Henderson

Saturday, December 3, 2011

6:15 AM – 1st Race for Motorcycles, Quads & UTVs
These classes will race around an approximate 45-mile loop three times, for a total of 135 miles, with a gran prix finish
9:00 AM (approx.)  – 2nd Race for Classes 1100, 1700, 1800. 2000, 3000, 3700, 4400, 6000, 6100, 7100, 7300, 8100
These classes will race around an approximate 80-mile loop two times, for a total of 160 miles –Finish Line Cut-off time 3:00 PM – Not a gran prix finish
12:40 PM (approx.) – 3rd Race for Classes 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500, 7200, 8000
These classes will race around an approximate 80-mile loop three times, for a total of 240 miles – Finish Line Cut-off time 9 PM – Not a gran prix finish

Sunday, December 4, 2011

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM – TransWest Ford Henderson “250” Awards Presentation
Henderson Convention Center – Grand Ballroom
Best In The Desert official sponsors: Ford Motor Company – official truck, General Tire – official tire, Lucas – Official Oil, VP Racing Fuels – official fuel, KC HiLiTES – official light, John Deere – official UTV, Husqvarna – official motorcycle, FabTech - Official Suspension, Fall Advertising, Prerunner Maniac, McKenzies, PCI Race Radios, and Sportsman Cycle Sales.

The American Off-Road Racing Series…
Best In The Desert!


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