VEGAS TO RENO LIVE! Who's Gonna DIE? Race Radio Relay BLACKOUT CF's Racers!Robby Bell takes Bikes and Garrick Frietas takes Four Wheel Competition


Desert Off-Road Racing in all its glory!

The perp, Kent Kroeker, around race mile 70, the class 8 driven by the self described, 'douche of the desert', with no provocation, decides he's going to take out a lower class competitor (Baja Lite V-8).

The carnage, the Baja Lite suffered a flat tire on a new 37 inch BFGoodrich racing tire, a messed up brake line, scraped off fuel-filler cap and destroyed body panels. The Baja Lite (class 6100) was pacing well at the time of the World Wrestling Headbutt.

The Mills Brothers team took delivery of their new V8 powered BajaLite right before the race in Las Vegas. The one-day-old truck held up, but also nearly crashed out after Kents bonehead move, proven in the video.

"Kent Kroeker plays Mad-Max at the Vegas To Reno!"

14 Year old Racer Struck by Trick Truck is recovering in hospital and should be recovering for weeks!

Race Radio Relay BLACKOUT CF's Racers!

Yesterdays Best In The Desert event, the Vegas To Reno Desert Off-Road Race was marred by the intentional 'ungrounding' of the events race radio relay. OFF-ROAD LIVE! had known for months that Casey Folks was going to 'cover-up' any public knowledge of the radio blackout so that any safety violations would not become public.

After the disastrous MINT 400 earlier in the race year, Folks and the BITD Association of racers began an underground cover-up of the safety and other violations that slammed the spring race, named by their 'cereal sellers', "the biggest race in the world". 

The editorial manager for OFF-ROAD LIVE! challenged the claim and while investigating the story, a racer was banned from racing in the association and pictures proving wrongdoing by the association surfaced. The BLM in Las Vegas covered up the facts and is now applying "fees" for the damage caused during the sham race.


Robby Gordon Starts 54th and makes second overall in the Longest Off-Road Race in America

Gordon scores first in season points standings

What turned out to be almost a fairy-tale ending, with just seconds to spare, Robby Gordon got 2nd place overall yesterday in the Vegas To Reno Desert Off-Road Race. Very hot and dusty conditions in the event that really went from Beatty to Dayton, Nevada.

Crashes, wrecks and their associated injury reports are only now being reported via OFF-ROAD LIVE! Today. LOADING>>>

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Vegas To Reno PART 1 
BITD Vegas 2 Reno Qualifying Results
  1. MacCachren/ Sourapas
  2. Harley Letner
  3. Herbst/Roeseler
  4. Nunley
  5. Voss
  6. Herbst
  7. Chuck Hovey
  8. Chris Kemp
  9. Richard Boyle
  10. Pat Dean
  11. CJ Hutchins
  12. Ray Griffith
  13. Cameron Steele
  14. Mike Childress
  15. Damen Jefferies
  16. TJ Flores
  17. BJ Baldwin
  18. Corey Keysar
  19. Steve Olliges
  20. Juan C Lopez
  21. Ryan Poelman
  22. Adam Householder
  23. Brian Parkhouse
  24. Garrick Freitas
  25. Ken Losch
  26. Mark Weyhrich
  27. Sam Berri
  28. Travis Chase
  29. Will Statts
  30. Rick D Johnson
  31. Todd Tuls
  32. Tracy Graf
  33. Larry Brown
  34. Justin Davis
  35. Jeff Seifert
  36. Jon Walker
  37. Alan Pflueger
  38. Jim Beaver
  39. Sam Baldi
  40. Adam Lunn
  41. Erick Jacobs
  42. Jason Pellanda
  43. Kevin Curtis
  44. Boe Bland
  45. Zak Langley
  46. Shelby Reid
  47. Kevin Colan
  48. Robby Gordon
 Jimmy Beaver was 38th yesterday! Lets hope he doesn't DNF (not finish) contingency today! OFF-ROAD LIVE! Vegas To Reno 2012


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