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Pos No Driver
PRO4   1
Johnny Greaves
Scott Douglas
Rob MacCachren -Oakley Bomb Award


CJ Greaves - Oakley Bomb Award
Bryce Menzies
Rob MacCachren

PRO Light
Brad Lovell
Bradley Morris
Kyle Hart

The Traxxas TORC (The Off-Road Championship) Series airs this Saturday at 2:30p.m. ET/11:30a.m. PT on NBC as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.
LIVE! Today From Primm Nevada!

Fridays action! After four years of silence, the Primm Off Road Raceway was brought back to life with the rumble of the 900hp battle machines and high flying action of the Traxxas TORC Series Presented by AMSOIL. This purpose built short course off-road facility was a favorite stop for many teams back in the early days of its existence. The race track sits adjacent to the Primm Valley Resorts and Casinos - Buffalo Bills Casino, where many a team have sat around the legendary Tree Bar and reflected on the day of racing action. 

At the beginning of the race season the hopes are high for the chance to take home the Championship title, to be the best team, the best driver and to carry the number one plate into the next season. Months of preparation, endless hours of wrenching and thousands of miles of traveling go into every season where the dreams of being number one might come true. It has been a season of up and down points battles between several drivers where the final rounds of the 2013 season will decide the champions at the Primm Off Road Raceway. 

Two bright young drivers have been on the forefront of the points battle for much of the season, Keegan Kincaid who currently leads the points and CJ Greaves who started the day only three points behind the lead. With a full field of trucks taking the green flag and early incident in the opening laps of competition would claim CJ Greaves and end his day – and possibly the hopes of taking home the championship. 

Keegan Kincaid was also in the incident and worked hard to make up lost ground but was unable to find his way to a podium spot finishing in seventh. Three young drivers from the west coast were the stars of the day, Jerett Brooks got off to the early lead and was able to hold it down for much of the race, however Sheldon Creed would eventually gain ground and make the pass for the lead. 

Creed extended his lead lap-after-lap and took home the win in addition to the Traxxas Maxx Lap for the fastest time. Jerett Brooks would take home second and Kyle Hart in third. After a DNF from CJ Greaves and mid-pack finish from Keegan, the final round of competition is sure to be a nail bitter between these two drivers to determine who will clinch the championship. 

Defending champion Bryce Menzies came into the day with a 41 point lead on the field of the PRO2WD division. With the championship all but wrapped up, it would take very little for Bryce to capture his third number one title. Coming into the first turn after the drop of the green flag, Jeff Kincaid would get and early lead and take the field into the rhythm section with Bryce Menzies and CJ Greaves following close behind. 

Kincaid continued to lead the field until what appeared to a mechanical issue suddenly forcing Jeff off the track and out of the lead. Bryce was quick to take advantage and moved into the lead spot. Greaves now in second, was hot to challenge Menzies with each lap. While CJ and Bryce were battling for first, Chad Hord was running a clean race and waiting for things to come to him and be there to move in when the time was right. After and tangle between Menzies and CJ, Menzies got turned around, CJ moved into the lead and Hord was able to take over the second spot. Menzies was able to quickly regain control and continue in third. 

After assuming the lead, CJ went on to extend his lead and take home the win with Hord finishing in second and Bryce in third. However it was Bryce Menzies day and he was not only able to take the Oakley Bomb award for the fastest lap of the day, but able to capture his third straight PRO2WD Championship. 

With a top field of drivers in the PRO4X4 division, rarely does a fan of short course off road racing witness a race that is not filled with edge of your seat action. Round-after-round, two drivers are expected to throw it all down on the table and battle each other to the end as they have done in epic style many times before. Defending champ Ricky Johnson and Johnny Greaves again find themselves down to the wire again with only a few points separating them. However, this season there will be a third driver that has more wins than any other driver who will throw a wrench in the mix and come on strong late in the season to challenge for the championship – Rob MacCachren. 

As the field approaches the Red Bull arch and the green flag drops, it would be Scott Douglas who would get out to the early lead followed by Adrian Cenni and Ricky Johnson. Douglas who has been struggling for much of the season to dial in his new PRO4, looks like he has the AMSOIL number Seven square on the marks and is setting a fast pace for the field to follow. As the field comes into first turn on the second lap, RJ catches a rut and bicycles up on two wheels, while Johnson was trying to bring it back down on all fours, Johnny Greaves hammered down on the gas and was able to take advantage and move into the third spot. Johnny began to set his sights on Adrian Cenni and would eventually pass for second. Douglas continued to lead, however Johnny began to gain ground and challenged for the lead. RJ now back in fifth had his work cut out for him to catch back up to the leaders. 

While Johnny began to check out from the field, RJ was able to pass Kyle Leduc and go to work on Cenni for third. With the competition yellow and the trucks getting bunched up for a restart, the race could still be anyone’s. Douglas came in the first turn hard and made the pass on Greaves to take over the lead again, however Johnny would reel in Douglas, door-to-door the two battled and Johnny would eventually take the lead and the win while extending his points lead. 

Never say die - here comes Ricky, after a rough beginning, RJ would settle into a groove and start laying down some fast laps and slide into that second spot over Douglas. With one lap to go, RJ’s right rear tire went flat, however he was able to stay in second with Douglas finishing in third. RJ was also the winner of the Oakley Bomb award for the fastest lap time. Rob MacCachren would take home a fourth place finish on the day. 

Round 16 is on deck and the champions in Pro Light and Pro 4 will be determined. Following the Champions rounds will be the Traxxas Pro Light Cup and the Peak Cup in Memory of Rick Huseman. It will be a day of incredible racing action, be assured that each and every team will be on their “A” game for the cup races and for the final round, all out holding nothing back. 

However the day really belong to the memory of one driver that touched the hearts of many, the gentleman of off road racing, the contender of which everyone wanted to challenge, Rick Huseman. It is in his memory that this day of racing is the reason that his fellow racers come together, to never forget, to stand tall and honor a man that was a true champion. 

The Traxxas TORC (The Off-Road Championship) Series airs this Saturday at 2:30p.m. ET/11:30a.m. PT on NBC as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.

Culminating in Primm, NV, the show will highlight high octane, adrenaline-fueled aggressive driving, characteristic of off road racing. Catch all the excitement live from the track, watching competitors, including Bryce Menzies and Ricky Johnson, try their hand at racing the 900hp short course battle trucks.

The event brings together the talents of the best drivers in the nation with the most powerful machines in off-road racing. High speeds and intensity send dirt flying around the track, as those at the wheel race to the finish line. TORC visits a wide array of tracks across the U.S. each year. This year the season kicked off at Dodge City and made stops at Eldora Speedway and Red Bud MX. 

The Series is also showcased at the two largest attended off-road races of the year, Bark River and Crandon International Off-Road. The event is part of the Red Bull Signature Series - made up of one-of-a-kind programming on NBC all year long. Red Bull Media House and Alli Sports, a division of the NBC Sports Group, are showcasing the most progressive and innovative snowboarding, mountain biking, freestyle motocross, ice cross downhill, skiing and BMX events, on custom courses from the inspiration of the athletes themselves. 

Upcoming Red Bull Signature Series programming includes: Dreamline - Saturday, October 26 at 4p.m. ET/1p.m. PT - Taking place at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico, Red Bull Dreamline showcases the best BMX dirt competitors. Conceived by pro rider Anthony Napolitan, with a course brought to life by master builder Adam Aloise, fans can tune into the action on NBC on October 26, as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.



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