2013 Parker BlueWater Desert Challenge LIVE! From Arizona ONLINE***The BIGGEST DEMOLITION DERBY IN DESERT RACING!


Saturday, 6 AM Day 1 Racing

Sunday, 6 AM Day 2 Racing

Race Results Posted 


 Class 1400-6100 Weekend Overall Top 5
Overall Position Saturday Time Sunday Time      Overall Time
1. Rob MacCachren 01:15:37  01:20:06 02:35:43
2. Jason Voss 01:17:54  01:19:33 02:37:27
3. Jonathan Swift 01:22:03  01:21:40 02:43:43
4. Steve Olliges 01:21:59  01:22:19 02:44:18
5. TJ Flores 01:22:45  01:22:34 02:45:08

Saturday, Class 1400-1600 Race Top 5
Overall Position Average Speed (mph) Time on Course
1. Rob MacCachren 57.9 01:15:37
2. Dale Dondell 56.6  +00:01:43
3. Jason Voss 56.2 +00:02:17
4. Steve Olliges 53.4  +00:06:22
5. Jonathan Swift 53.4 +00:06:26

In a competition of no-named desert racers, Rob Mac, one of the biggest names and hall of famer, dominated Saturdays Demolition Derby, here in Parker HillBilly Heaven.

So many desert racers have bailed on this years event. Not here this weekend, Robby Gordon, BJ Baldwin, Jim Graham and many more.

The energy drink wars continue in desert off-road racing. The tire wars continue, with Rob Mac and BF Goodrich Tires proclaiming, General Tires suck with Saturdays race results. No matter how much money General has thrown at these denizens of the dank, the tire company has yet to get a win this weekend. 

Lots of General Tire flats and numerous totaled race rigs were strewn throughout the race course until the water trucks themselves were stuck, waiting to get yanked off the field. 

In past years, crowds of fans gathered here. This weekend has been noticeably vacant, few fans and lots of motel rooms available.

Another fail at this private drunk-fest, is the lack of any television coverage. Lucas Oil has these shills duped into delusional accetpance of declining national interest in "Best In The Desert" activities.
Last year’s event saw more than 150 entrants. The overall winner was Robby Gordon, who drove rail No. 1537, a Geiser, in the 1500 class. His overall time on the course was 2:42:52.

The BlueWater Desert Challenge is unique among BITD's events in that the course is not a long loop or a point-to-point course. The Desert Challenge is a two-day event that features several heats of different classes each day. The winners are determined by combined scores over two days.
The 26-mile course has features that prompted BITD President Casey Folks to describe it as "an off-road racer's Disneyland."
Generally speaking, the course covers an area to the north and east of the Town of Parker between Shea Road and State Route 95 headed towards Lake Havasu City. The starting line and the pit area are in the same area as the pit area for the Parker 250 in January and the Parker 425 in February. They're off Mutahar Drive, which runs between Shea Road and the entrance to the Parker Cemetery.
The races will be held entirely on the Colorado River Indian Reservation, with no activities planned for lands held by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. A BITD Demolition Derby press release noted the event would not be affected by the shutdown of the federal government.

As of press time, several local racers and teams have entered:
Randy Merritt, R.J. Merritt and Chris Golding of Mongo Racing will be running Ford No. 7281 in the 7200 class. They’re fresh off a class win in the BITD Vegas to Reno race, their third consecutive win in that race. They also won the 7200 class in the Best in the Desert/BlueWater Resort & Casino Parker 425 in February. 

Tom Wood of Salome will be driving custom rail 1574 in the 1500 class.
Jasper Dyer and Justin Brinkerhoff of Parker will be in 2026 in the 2000 class.
There will be two Parker teams in the 8100 class. Trent Beaver and Bryant Shontz will be in Ford No. 8105. Brian Day, Steve Pelerine and Jeremiah Ainsworth will be in Ford No. 8107. Day and Pelerine won the 8100 class at the 2012 Desert Challenge.
John Nelson will be driving No. 1030 in the 1000 class.
Dustin Hoffman of Parker and K.J. Mitchell of Henderson, Nev. will be driving Jeep 1731 in the 1700 JeepSpeed class.
Rick Poole of Ehrenberg and Mike Malloy of Henderson, Nev. will be driving a Jimco rail, No. 1160, in the 1100 class.
The main spectator area will be on the south side of Shea Road. No parking or spectating will be allowed on the north side of the road.
Camping and off-road vehicle permits are available through the Colorado River Indian Tribes' Fish & Game Office. Overnight camping is $15. A weekend pass covering the entire event is $40. An off-road vehicle decal is $25, and the applicant will need to present a driver’s license with a vehicle registration, bill of sale, or title.
No open fires, or burning of tires of pallets will be allowed. All fires must be within a fireproof container or tub.
Demolition Derby Events for The BlueWater Desert Challenge

Friday, Oct. 12
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Driver's registration, Mohave Room, BlueWater Resort & Casino.
9:15 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Car & Truck Contingency & Technical Inspection. North Parking Lot, BlueWater Resort & Casino.
6 p.m.
Mandatory Drivers/Pit Crews meeting. Bingo Room, BlueWater Resort & Casino.
Saturday, Oct. 13 and Sunday, Oct. 14
Race start times after the first race are approximate
5:45 a.m.; Staging for classes 1800 (two laps) 3700, 1700, 5100 and 1900 (three laps).
6:15 a.m.; Race starts (3 laps, 2 laps for 1800).
8 a.m.; Staging for classes 1100, 2000, 3000, 6000, 8100, and 7100.
8:30 a.m.; Race starts (3 laps).
9:45 a.m.; Staging for classes 1000/7200, 8000 and 4400.
10:15 a.m.; Race starts (3 laps).
11:30 a.m.; Staging for class 1500.
12 noon; Race starts (3 laps).
2:15 p.m.; Staging for classes 1400, 6100, and 1200.
2:45 p.m.; Race starts (3 laps).
Sunday, Oct. 14

6 p.m.; The Official OFF-ROAD LIVE! Awards presentation

in the Bingo Bango Room, at the Famous BlueWater Resort & Casino
Pete Sohren and Robby Gordon are BANNED from the facility.

LIVE! From Parker Arizona, MONSTER Mike Reports from the BlueWater Parker Challenge All Weekend Oct 12-14

Keith Learn of KLPZ Radio Calls For City Hall in Parker to be BURNED DOWN!

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Brings you all the Inside Desert Racing LIVE! from our Fourth Annual Parker Arizona Desert Shortcourse 



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