LIVE! From Atomic Liquors***MINT 400 Race Special!***TONIGHT at 5 PM
Today's Party Starts at Atomic Liquors!

Atomic Liquors, 917 Fremont Street, about a 3-minute walk from the El Cortez Hotel downtown is the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas. Originally founded by Joe & Stella Sobchik in 1952, Atomic Liquors boasts the 1st package liquor license and off-sales permit. Atomic, named for a time when customers watched atomic blasts from the roof, was originally built in 1945 and was called Virginia's Cafe. As the story goes; Joe was tired of cooking food, and the customers seemed more excited about sampling his secret ingredient 'Atomic Cocktails' while watching the nuclear blasts from the nearby Atomic Test Site. So in 1952, the couple renamed the business Atomic Liquors, constructed a classically huge, wrap around bar, and built a one of kind landmark neon sign that still shines today. In 2012 a group of investors led by longtime Downtown Las Vegas resident Lance Johns purchased the Atomic from the Sobchik's son, Ron, and remodeled it to it's original glory. Like much of old time Vegas, Atomic has showbiz in its veins - The Rat Pack and the Smothers Brothers drank here after their nightly shows, and Barbra Streisand even had her own seat which has been restored and is on display. History, atmosphere, free parking, and drink specials. So the next time you're headed to Downtown Las Vegas or Fremont Street, tell your friends...  

Meet Us at Atomic during Contingency!


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