Baja Safari Sponsors Peugeot in CABO 1000 Historic Entry 2014

Dateline San Diego- Baja Safari announced today, the Fastest Growing Salsa Company, Baja Safari has sponsored the new Peugeot Desert Off-Road Racing Team in this years 2014 Rip To Cabo, starting here in the Capital of Off-Road, San Diego, California, USA. 

The event, running since 2006, starts in this ideal coastal city, with all the high-class glitz, any demanding, cultured worlds class racer would want from a destination. The goal, Cabo San Lucas, Baja South Mexico. Over the next week, desert off-road racing experts and newbies, will tear Baja Mexico and make it bleed.

After the racing, the apres-racing includes the finest dining and entertainment the peninsula has to offer. 'The Golden Zone;, in San Lucas, "Lands End", has promised to provide the teams and fans of the event, the biggest motorsports celebration ever held in Mexico. 

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