Jason Voss, KING OF VEGAS***Voss Motorsports Crushes Vegas To Reno Desert Off-Road Race!***First Reported by OFF-ROAD LIVE! 6PM Friday, August 15, 2014

RACE BULLETIN! From Dayton Nevada- Jason Voss just crossed the Finish Line here in Dayton Nevada, Crushing the 2014 Vegas To Reno Desert Off-Road Race.

The Voss Motorsports Trick Truck had no reported issues today. Overall, Voss won this desert race event over the motorcycles by 25 minutes! Voss averaged 62.8 miles per hour over the 535 mile race course and finished over fifteen minutes ahead of the nearest four wheel competitor, Dale Dondel.

Almost a perfect drive, Voss Motorsports had zero problems between their time trials win on Wednesday and todays Smashing, Thrashing and Destroying the Best In The Desert, Vegas To Reno 2014.

Reported at 5:59 PM West
Friday, August 15, 2014
From the Finish Line at Dayton, Nevada


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