Saturday, January 17

Final Day 13: Rosario - Buenos Aires

  • Liaison: 219 km
  • Special: 174 km

None of the Dakar drivers consider the game won before coming to the end of the final day. And rightly so, since every year, at least one vehicle abandoned in the past year. On fast tracks of the special program, the caution, at least for those who do not have a place to defend. Because the podium awaiting the giants of the 2015 on the site of Technopolis in Buenos Aires will be for all the great moment of emotion they came for.

TODAY'S Stage 13 - BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************


Friday, January 16

Day 12: Termas de Rio Hondo - Rosario

  • Liaison: 726 km
  • Special: 298 km

The Dakar spent the night near the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, which regularly hosts the Argentine sleeves MotoGP championships and WTCC. But that's a long crossing of the country soar competitors still competing in the Dakar for a second last high voltage day. Aggressive driving can still shake up the race lead positions. And too distracted drivers might also be surprised by the vegetation!

TODAY'S Stage 12 - BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************


Thursday, January 15

Day 11: Salta - Termas de Rio Hondo

Motorcycles - Quads

  • Liaison: 161 km
  • Special: 351 km

Cars - Trucks

  • Liaison: 326 km
  • Special: 194 km

The rally follows two distinct paths axis of the famous Ruta 40, and takes advantage of its magnificent scenery. The drivers, however, not have the leisure to stroll on the fast tracks: the fatigue in the 11th race day (4th marathon for motorcycles, quads!) Imposes a maximum concentration on the road and the notes of the road book. In the interiors of cars and trucks, the slogan will also be vigilant on the slopes often lined with trees.

TODAY'S  Stage 11 - BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************


Wednesday, January 14

Day 10: Calama - Salta

Motorcycles - Quads

  • Liaison: 520 km
  • Special: 371 km

Cars - Trucks

  • Liaison: 501 km
  • Special: 359 km

Motorcyclists and quad riders leave for their second marathon stage! After chilo-Argentine border, is this time on the Salinas Grandes, at more than 3600 meters, begins the day's special. The altitude could calm the ardor and motors. The strongest will fight it out in a rather technical end. Then, on the connecting section, the route follows the Paso of Acay at 4970 meters.

 TODAY'S Stage 10 - BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************


Tuesday, January 13 

Day 9 - Iquique - Calama


  • Liaison: 88 km
  • Special: 451 km

For the session goodbye with the Atacama Desert, the competitors combined now beginning their special by fifty kilometers of sand and dunes. The sensations are to be enjoyed as a result places the drivers and crews in less comfortable positions. The tracks have suffered the ravages of time, and will in turn undergo their rough edges: the holes and bumps can play tricks and narrow lanes exposes the body scratches.

TODAY'S ROUTE - Stage 9 -  BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************

  • Liaison: 88 km
  • Special: 451 km 


Saturday, January 10 • • Sunday, January 11  Monday, January 12

Rest Day

For this sequence non-standard, articulated between the bivouac in Iquique and the Bolivian Uyuni perch, rest days were differentiated: January 10 for motorcycles and quads, January 12 for cars and trucks. In contrast, Sunday, Jan. 11, all classes will be run on different stages. All will then have played a marathon stage.

TODAY'S ROUTE - Stage 8 -  BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************

Day 8-a • Uyuni - Iquique (cars on 11/01; 12/01 on motorbikes)


  • Liaison: 24 km
  • Special: 781 km

Motorcycles - Quads

  • Liaison: 24 km
  • Special: 781 km

The Dakar bends the rules dictated by the nature. In this case, the sky will decide the race program to follow to leave Bolivia. In dry weather, a starting line could be drawn on the Salar de Uyuni, for a crossing of more than 100 km on a sumptuous white salt pool: corner handle or pedal to the metal! The slowdown is then brutal for the longest part of the special, on mountain tracks rather technical. By late afternoon, more than 40 kilometers of dunes complete the expedition to the dizzying descent to Iquique.

Day 8-b • Marathon Bivouac - Iquique (Truck 11/01)


  • Liaison: 0 km
  • Special: 271 km

For the first time in the history of the Dakar, three races are held on the same day three totally different golf courses! Truck is a double ration of sand for the second day life: the return on Iquique reserve some tankages. The benefits taken during the marathon stage could prove decisive in the battle for the title of the category.

• Day 7-a Iquique - Uyuni (the 10/01 cars; the bike-quad 11/01)


 The difficulties are cumulative for the first part of the Bolivian marathon stage, which involves initially the cars and motorcycles the next day. From the outset, the long liaison imposes morning awakening to a gradual rise to over 3500 m altitude. Once the highlands, the start of the special is given with the set of extreme care to be given to follow the road book to understand the abundance of intersections. Among the issues of the day, tire economy could weigh heavy. Once in Uyuni, they will have conceded that the forward path of the marathon stage.

TODAY'S ROUTE - Stage 7 - BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************  

  • Liaison: 396 km
  • Special: 321 km

Day 7-b • Iquique - Marathon Bivouac (the truck 10/01)


  • Liaison: 101 km
  • Special: 335 km

That one day apart for trucks found the spice of a marathon stage, with the added chance to compete on a totally dedicated route. During this first day away, the pilot in the dunes decide between the leaders, with long critical portions of sand. For them as a balance will be found between the retention and performance. Once in their private bivouac, embedded engineers will become the key actors in this marathon.

Friday, January 9

Day 6: Antofagasta - Iquique 



The rise of the Pacific coast continues towards Iquique. Bikes and quads are entitled to a mileage bonus in the heart of the special. Detour takes them on land typed enduro, and some paths peak with sea view All will then be entitled to an expedition in the heart of dune massifs and dominate along the coast. But the arrival at the bivouac will not be done by the famous descent. For the first time, arriving at the halfway point will be celebrated on a podium set up in the center of Iquique: the meeting between the pilots and the public will here an emotional dimension after the earthquake that hit the region earlier this year.

Motorcycles - Quads

  • Liaison: 369 km
  • Special: 319 km


  • Liaison: 392 km
  • Special: 255 km


  • Liaison: 370 km
  • Special: 255 km

TODAY'S ROUTE - Stage 6 -  BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************


Thursday, January 8  

Day 5: Copiapo - Antofagasta


 This is the first and one of the few completely special common to all categories. Leading the race, fast tracks may be used by the most confident driver to attempt a profit operation overall. But the challenge can also be hazardous, especially in areas fesh-fesh indigestible where absolute composure will be the only guarantee. Overtaking here require the utmost precision in the gesture.



  • Liaison: 239 km
  • Special: 458 km

  •  TODAY'S ROUTE - Stage 5 - BIKE/QUADS - CARS - TRUCK - *********************************************


Wednesday, January 7

Day 4: Chilecito - Copiapo




Entrance to Chile deserves! A very early wake up and climb to 4800 meters precede the border crossing at Paso San Francisco. The sports part really begins with a gradual warm up on mining runs, before confronting the realities of the Atacama Desert. Then plays on open terrain and sandy. It is then in the last 40 kilometers, and for many, at night, that will be covered dunes and giant bowls of Copiapo. Finesse and instinct in the crossing will be rewarded.

Motorcycles - Quads - Cars

  • Liaison: 594 km
  • Special: 315 km


  • Liaison: 594 km
  • Special: 174 km 

TODAY'S STAGE ROUTE - Stage 4 - BIKE/QUAD - CAR - TRUCK - *********************************************

Tuesday, January 6    

Day 3: San Juan - Chilecito

***Stage Results***


The pressure on competitors yesterday, very late for some, will be released in part on the road to Chilecito. The decrease in mileage and intensity allow competitors to enjoy the majesty of the place. The slopes of red earth, towering peaks or to plunge into the canyons, take the Dakar at the heart of one of the most beautiful regions of Argentina. However, no one will have to yield to the temptation of tourism, especially in the motorcycle and ATV classes, whose course reserve brittle portions. After thousands of bypassed stones, one can destroy this day of glory!

 TODAY'S ROUTE - Stage 3 - BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS - *********************************************

 Motorcycles - Quads

  • Liaison: 437 km
  • Special: 220 km

Cars - Trucks

  • Liaison: 258 km
  • Special: 284 km
Spectator Areas:



Monday, January 5   

Day 2: Villa Carlos Paz - San Juan



The respite was short-lived. Because before joining San Juan, competitors have a very full program: simply the longest stage of the rally, with a degree of variety that can upset the best harnessed. Hard ground early in the race and dusty portions in the middle of the day, before reaching the end of a sandy path. This is already a real test, that we will successfully maintaining a constant level of vigilance. 
Here's a look at a portion of today's Special:

Motorcycles - Quads - Cars

  • Liaison: 107 km
  • Special: 518 km


  • Liaison: 315 km
  • Special: 331 km

TODAY'S STAGE ROUTE - Stage 2 -  BIKES/QUADS - CARS - TRUCKS- *********************************************

Sunday, January 4

Rally Day 1: Buenos Aires - Villa Carlos Paz

LIVE! REPORT: UPDATED: 1) Terranova 2) Gordon 3) DeVilliers [12:41 LOCAL TIME: "Al-Attiyah First Leader of the 2015 DAKAR Rally! Nasser Al-Attiyah turned on the afterburners from the start and seized the lead of the 2015 Dakar after the opening stage. The Qatari saw off Argentina's Orlando Terranova, with Robby Gordon and his Hummer (hilarious!) 'Gordini' finishing in third place, one minute down."]


Driving in the Argentine countryside is done at high speed. All the elements are there to allow everyone to express themselves on relatively simple criteria at the moment. Rapid paths to string over the angled corners, used to distribute vehicles according to the level of their drivers, tried in the context of nervousness attached to this special first but no real need for selection. After this warm-up, the magnitude schedule for the day will be complemented by a long liaison to the first bivouac/camp.

Local time at the race is GMT-3. PST is GMT-8

Transit: 144km/89miles @ 05:15 - 07:40(local)
SS: 175km/109miles @ 07:50 - 09:15(local) or 02:50 - 04:15(PST)

Transit: 144km/89miles @ 07:42 -10:22(local)
SS: 170km/106miles @ 10:32 - 11:47(local) or 05:32 - 06:47(PST)

NOTE: 519km/322miles connector to Villa Carlos Paz. 517 miles in the seat for Stage 1

DAY 1'S ROUTE - Stage 1 - MAPS - B/Q - C - T  *********************************************


Grand Start Saturday, January 3, 2015!

  • January 3.2015 REPLAY Ceremonial Start of DAKAR 2015


    MONSTER Mike and the 'Tecnoplopis' Grand Start Event, January 3, 2015 LIVE! Among the riders, drivers and crews of the Dakar, many are already familiar with Buenos Aires, having been there on previous occasions, namely the first three editions in South America (2009, 2010 and 2011). Most have already made their return to the Argentine capital, whether they have come from Europe or neighbouring countries.

    The Tecnópolis site, a vast exhibition site which has been taken over by the organisers to host technical and administrative scrutineering, as well as the Dakar Village, which opened its doors today, January 1, has been getting used to the Dakar set-up for two weeks, since the day installation of the required facilities started. Since then, the teams of technicians have been busy setting up the press centre, fitting out all the desks with electricity and internet connections, erecting stands in a more than 1000-capacity auditorium, setting out barriers for vehicle traffic as well as movement of the general public and putting the necessary signposting in place. At the height of all this preparatory activity, more than 500 people have been mobilized. 


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