Baja Safari Sponsors DAKAR 2016 Guerlain Chicherit Zebra


*Baja Safari DAKAR Racing Team Report
Almost midway through the rally and the team is ready to pounce! The high-altitude of Bolivia is opening the off-road prowess of the team to attack the Bolivian high-desert adventures today.

The hospitality and friendliness of the people of Bolivia reminds us of Mexico and racing in Baja!
One more marathon stage before our rest day, we are ready.

*Weather challenges world class Dakar Rally.
The first stages of the DAKAR Rally are impacted by the regional weather, driven by this years 'El Nino' factors. The Baja Safari DAKAR '16 is keeping up with the thundering herd! 

Baja Safari of Catavina, Baja-Mexico announced today, December 23, that it is sponsoring the Guerlain Chicherit DAKAR 2016 rally effort. 

Starting in 1959, Baja Safari landed its first fixed wing aircraft at the sole ranch landing strip in Baja Norte's Central Desert. This beginning marked a new form of recreation for North Americans. 

Rather than travel to Africa 'on Safari', Hollywood stars began travel to Mexico on a regular basis. Today, the company supports media productions and the finest culinary explorations in the SouthWest. 

The company spokesman told OFF-ROAD LIVE!, "DAKAR 2016 is our exploration of adventure-rally travel throughout the South West of North America, including our friends on the Baja peninsula in Mexico". 

"The winter high-season and the holidays are celebrated by the company through special ventures in the wide-open outdoors of the desert south-west". DAKAR 2016 LIVE! is covered by OFF-ROAD LIVE! over a month of the greatest global motorsports in desert and off-road travel.



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