Norm Johnson, Creator of the MINT 400, Retires for LIVE! Show

MINT 400 Creator Norm Johnson sells the franchise!
Norm Johnson, Creator of the "MINT 400", continues with OFF-ROAD LIVE! Online Streaming 

In a wide ranging interview, Norm talks about selling his off-road book rights and MINT 400 holdings, in separate deals

Norm Johnson sold his MINT 400 rights last year, to a Southern California concern, "They want to stay anonymous at this time".

After selling his rights to the MINT 400 last year, event creator and Las Vegas resident, Norm Johnson is retiring from event marketing. "I love doing the LIVE! Online shows on OFF-ROAD LIVE!, but the regional and world-wide marketing of events is tiresome", Johnson said yesterday from Clark County, Nevada.

Norm continued, "Can't wait for this years ONLINE shows on OFF-ROAD LIVE!, MONSTER Mike and I are a great team, broadcasting the particulars on my baby, the MINT 400". Norm Johnson actually held the rights to the event until last year, when "I sold my MINT 400,  lock, stock and barrel", as Norm puts the deal.

"I also sold my off-road book to another outfit, there in Southern California, they are called, 'Mad Media', for 2 million dollars". "Matt Martelli loved my writing and I loved his check clearing my bank", Norm says laughingly.

"I sold my MINT 400 to someone else, there in Southern California", "they wanted to remain anonymous, for now", Johnson said in the wide ranging retrospective. Norm Johnsons history laden interview will continue through the months of February and March, leading up to his inclusion in the 2016 LIVE! MINT 400, here on OFF-ROAD LIVE!



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