SUPER PARKER 425 2018 LIVE! February 1-4


Christian Sourapas racing Strikes Livestock destroys Terribles Herbst Trick Truck and injures the co-driver. Christian reportedly "struck 2 cows and one calf", the first such incident at the Parker 425 in many years. See the in-car (Note blood) video here:

The Crazy Parker Cow Crash
By: Christian Sourapas

"Without further ado, climb inside of my head while I drove the Terrible Herbst #91 Trick Truck at this year's Parker 425. I was super excited to start the year off at the Parker 425. I am extremely lucky to be able to team up with Troy Herbst and the rest of the Terrible Herbst team. It's truly a dream come true; I remember being a little kid idolizing Troy as he ripped the "landshark" around the desert with LR. To be able to race with him is an honor and privilege that I will forever be thankful for. 

This was my 2nd official race in a Trophy Truck. I was please to qualify 11th overall with super fast dudes ahead and behind me. Andy McMillin won the race overall the year before starting 16th (I believe) so I knew I was in a great spot to make a run for it.We took the green light on Saturday feeling confident and under control. We had two buggies starting ahead of us in Ray Griffith and CJ Hutchins, so the plan was to run really hard up the wash to see if we could pick them off because we knew the buggies wouldn't be as competitive in the super rough terrain. With that said, Ray and CJ wheel the hell out of those buggies so we knew it wasn't an easy task. We ran up the whole wash in CJ's dust but were unable to get to him before the high speed road next to the aqueduct. Damn. But we did see Apdaly on the side of the road, yes! 1 down, 9 more to go.

The dust coming into midway (mile 27ish) was brutal, but at times I could see CJ's bumper when the wind decided to blow. We kept charging along thinking that when the wind was blowing to our side that we could finally get to CJ's bumper and bump him. We got within 5 seconds of him on several occasions but would get dusted out. We came in to Pit 1 right on him, but far enough away that he could run which was exactly what happened. Once we got to the graded road, we knew CJ was gone and trying to catch him on a road like that wasn't feasible or safe. Plus, it was a 425 mile race so we definitely didn't want to end it doing something dumb in the first 50 miles. Let me tell you guys, it's a night and day difference trying to catch a fast unlimited car than it is to catch a fast 6100.

JT was on point. He is the best navigator I have ever had and he knows how to keep a young guy like me under control. He calms me down, he yells at me when I start making dumb decisions (personal preference), and he tells me I'm doing great to keep my confidence going. We came in to Pit 2 not only with CJ in our sights (again), but Robby Gordon as well. We also passed Ray Griffith and Dale Dondel in the pits while they were working on their cars, putting us 8th physical vehicle on the road with 6th and 7th just ahead of me. This is the part that got sketchy...As anybody who has ever raced Parker knows, after Pit 2 is WIDE OPEN!!! I'm talking 110+ roads. With Robby and CJ right in front of us, we would have to back off to make sure we didn't get off the road and hit a rock or bush. But as soon as the dust clears for a brief second, it's hammer down until you get dusted out again. We were almost to the end of the high speed road; JT called out on the radio "Race 91 Mile 63, all good" And then suddenly, we weren't "all good".

The dust cleared for a brief second so our Patton Racing Engine was putting stupid power to the ground. I saw 112 mph on the GPS and was trying to figure out how to make the truck go even faster. In the corner of my eye I saw a calf and two cows DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE COURSE. In my head I was thinking, "Oh no, don't do it, don't do it, DON'T DO IT!!! But then, they did it... the calf ran directly onto the course with the mama (or dad for you gender freaks) chasing after it. Before I could even react, we smashing into both of them sending us into a shock and veering the truck to the left. Blood and guts everywhere. I knew it was gonna be a day-ender, but as I was thinking that the truck caught and we started tumbling.As we were crashing, all I was thinking about was when this was gonna stop. We were in the air for a while, and I was praying to god that this wasn't it. I was afraid that JT or I wasn't going to make it. It was scary because I never had thought I had a chance of dying until this moment. It was my first major crash and I didn't know what to do. Do I relax and take it or do I tense up? All of these thoughts were going through my head. I just wanted it to stop. It seemed like we were crashing forever.We finally stoped crashing and my immediate instinct was to get the hell out of the truck, after asking JT if he was ok (which he was). As I was climbing out, I realized were were in the MIDDLE of the course. I started panicking. 6000 lb trucks were coming at us full tilt. I ran as far as I could up the road to try and slow down the cars coming at us.This next part almost put me into tears. The first car to me was my brother, Brett, in the #88 Coors Light Truck. He came in hot but slowed down significantly to see if I was OK. It had to of been hard to see your twin brother wadded up, full yard sale, but I gave him a thumbs up and he gave me one back and he kept going. He put his race on the line to make sure JT and I were alright and that touched me. If I was seriously hurt, there is no doubt in my mind he would have stopped and would have been there for me. It was a special thing for him to do.After Brett went on his way, I knew the dust was going to be a huge issue. The Herbst Helicopter landed (after flying sideways over Brett to warn him) and they immediately helped on flagging cars down. We put a fire extinguisher in the middle of the course and used our red triangles. We pushed the alert on the Racing Trax but had no idea if it was going to work or not.

A lot of cars made it safely through, except for the #63 of Johnny Angal. If it weren't for his quick reflexes and superb driving abilities, he would have directly T-Boned (no pun intended) the cab of the 91. He did nail the read of the truck, breaking the right front of his truck, but luckily they weren't harmed.JT and I are extremely fortunate to walk away from this one. God was watching over us and allowed us to escape this accident unharmed. I want to thank Troy Herbst and the whole team for giving me perfect truck to wheel around and I feel horrible that the race went this way. I also want to thank IMPACT Safety, Cobra Seats, and Herbst Smith Fabrication for creating a product that can withstand the force of a 100+ mph crash. I might not be here to tell this story if it weren't for you guys. I also want to thank the Helicopter Pilot Nick Tsunis for flying us to the hospital and Chris Kemper for giving me your phone so I could call my Mom to tell her that I was OK.We will be back at the Mint ready for war again. I'm so blessed to be able to drive Trophy Trucks and a bad day in the desert is still better than any day at school (or work). Thanks to the whole off-road family for making sure we were OK. I love this sport very much and I'm thankful to be alive!"


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*Justin Matney takes Third Place crossing the finish line at 9:15PM; Brett Sourapas takes Second Place crossing the finish line after 9PM, well after McMillin*

* 7PM local time update truck#31 Andy McMillin now killing stopped Rob Mac Truck#11 mid-way finished on last lap 3*

*6:15PM Final Lap 3, on corrected time Rob Mac First, Brett Sourapas Second, Andy McMillin Third*

*Letner now has significant mechanicals will not make it out of the pits for Lap 3*

***5:50PM UPDATE #31, #1501, #11, #88, #83, #97, #4, #96

*Christian Sourapas truck destroyed, driver and co-dog OK, they struck 2 cows and one calf, no steaks left they are at the hospital getting checked out*Video>>>

*Lap 2 Leaders List: #31, #1501, #11, #97, #88, #83, #4, #96, #77, #20, #24, #23, #2, #70, #69, #19, #54*

*Race Leader Andy McMillin #31 is 2:50 physical ahead of Harley Letner right now at Mile 255*

***4:15PM UPDATE...McMillin First, Letner Second, Rob Mac Third***

***BULLETIN!!! The #91 Trick Truck with Christian Sourapas behind the wheel has hit 2 calves at mile 65 and caused the truck to flip 6-7 times at speed! They are both out of the truck and walking around with headaches.***

*Apdaly Lopez OUT...Cole Potts OUT...Lofton OUT*
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*BJ Baldwin Crashes OUT*(Pictured)

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***Trucks Started at 1:30PM Local Time***
*Morning Group FINISH Leaders #1096, #1001,
"Doug Fortin wins Class 10 by 45 seconds over Brock Heger"
*Morning Group End of Lap 2 Leaders #1001, #1096, #1024, #1012, #1036, #1003, #1080, #1072, #1038, #1006, #1005, #1097, #1066, #1078, #1070
*Morning Group Lap 2 RM 110 #1001, #1096, #1024, #1012, #1036, #1011, #1003
*Morning Group End of Lap 1 Leaders #1001, #1096, #1097, #1011, #1012, #1036
*Morning Group Lap 1 Race Mile 50 Leaders brought to you by Red Bull #1001, #1096, #1081, #1097, #1096, #1047, #1011, #1012, #1080, #1045, #1036, #1094, #1038, #1054, #1066, #1006, #1078, #1084, #1021, #1013, #1072, #1070,
*The race is underway, the race course is Hot 6AM
*The first cars have officially left the gate at the start of Race 1 at the SUPER Parker”425” by OFF-ROAD LIVE! #1001 and#1080 have started a full day of racing. Trick Trucks and 1500s will race later today.





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Qualifying Headlines from Thursday, Feb. 1

Trick Truck Jason Voss wrecked in "one of the gnarliest crashes" one of the recovery guys has ever seen
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Parker FORD Cancels  Pit Crew Challenge

Jimmy Beaver, General Manager of the Parker Ford dealership was proud to announce today, "the Parker Pit Crew Challenge is done, I can't work for a living".

"There will be no Parker Pit Crew Challenge at this year’s Downtown Experience, which is set for today, Thursday, February 1. 

The organizer, Jim Beaver, said he’s having trouble finding participants and sponsors. "I hate working for a living". The challenge had proven to be a popular event at the Downtown Experience. 
The Downtown Experience, the big street fair and ‘show and shine’ before the Parker 425, is scheduled for this afternoon.
The event featured pit crews from Trick Trucks trying to see who could change all four tires on a race vehicle the fastest. The challenge was organized and promoted by the Parker-based scam, “Down & Dirty Show.” Beaver said he decided not to hold the challenge this year because he’s having trouble finding participants and sponsors.

The Beaver family owned Parker Motor Company promoted the competition in the past. Why they are not backing the town this year is now a huge community wide scandal.

Beaver claims his expenses have also been increasing. Beaver said he knew the event was popular, and he would consider renewing it if there was enough interest. Mayor Dan Beaver, Jimmy's Daddy, said, 
"My son is a lazy beater".
Mary Hamilton of the Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism said "pit crew competitions had been dropped at other races in addition to Parker". Which is a big, fat lie. Hamilton said that they are looking for some sort of competitive event to replace the Pit Crew Challenge, though, as of Jan. 19, she did not know what the event will be. She assured race fans there will still be plenty to do at the Downtown Experience. 

Racers participating in the time trials will bring their machines to downtown Parker, where the fans will be able to take a close look at them. There will also be food and merchandise vendors and live music. The Downtown Experience has become bigger each year since it was introduced in 2010. 

Which begs the question, why is the Beaver family bailing on the town of Parker, Arizona?
The crowd at last year’s event was estimated at 5,000. The focal point will be the Joshua Street Mall on Joshua Avenue between Arizona Avenue and 14th Street. Arizona Avenue from California Avenue to Kofa Avenue will be closed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., as will Joshua Avenue from 14th Street to 12th Street. The Downtown Experience will take place 12 noon to 6 p.m."

The Parker Town Council approved street closures Jan. 2 for the Downtown Experience to be held February 1 and the Parker 425 off-road race to be held Saturday, February 3.

The Downtown Experience is a street fair and “show and shine” held after the time trials for the Parker 425. The racers are escorted to downtown Parker, with the focal point being the Joshua Street Mall, which is located on Joshua Avenue between Arizona Avenue and 14th Street. Race fans get a chance to meet the racers and get up close and personal with their machines.

There will also be live music and food and merchandise vendors. A highlight was to be the Parker Pit Crew Challenge. Previously hosted by Parker FORD the former event saw Trick Truck pit crews competing to see who can change all four tires on a race vehicle the fastest. It was cancelled by the car dealership that said, "We're out of business".

The 'Downtown Experience' is funded and ran by the Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism department, a hack-job of the city and county of Parker, Arizona. The event has grown every year since it was started in 2010. If its so big, why is Parker FORD screwing the pooch?

The street closures will be in effect from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 1. The streets to be closed include Arizona Avenue from Kofa Avenue to California Avenue and Joshua Avenue between 14th Street and 12th Street. Law enforcement officers will escort the race vehicles from Geronimo Avenue and 18th Street to the site of the Downtown Experience.

The Parker 425 continues a tradition of off-road racing in Parker that goes back to the early 1970s. The race has had several promoters over the years, including Short-Course Off-Road Enthusiasts (SCORE). It’s currently run and promoted by Best in the Desert Racing Association. It was Whiplash Motor Sports that began starting the race in downtown Parker, something which Best in the Desert has continued.

For many years, the race began in the early morning hours on California Avenue. However, in recent years, that has been changed as the slower and faster classes have been divided into two races. The first race begins near the main pit area near the Parker Cemetery. The second race, which features the faster vehicles starts in downtown Parker.

The streets will be closed from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., according to papers filed with the Town of Parker. The closed streets will include Geronimo Avenue from 18th Street to 11th Street, 11th Street from Geronimo to California Avenue, California Avenue from 11th Street to 18th Street, and 18th Street from California Avenue to Geronimo Avenue. The second race is scheduled to start at 11 a.m.

The Parker 425 is the single biggest special event of the year in the Parker. It regularly draws thousands of racers and fans. The crowd gathered around the main pit area alone is often estimated at more than 20,000.

Casey Folks, the former owner of BITD, said if it wasn't for the Parker 425 race event, the city of Parker would be a long forgotten dust-bin on the corner of the Colorado River.

EXCLUSIVE Reporting LIVE! From Parker, AZ



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