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Toby Price Wins Moto Competition in DAKAR LIVE 2016
DAKAR 2016 LIVE will go down in the off-road racing history books as one of the most talked about motorcycle battles in modern moto history. 
The KTM rider won today after battling stage changes, weather challenges and a gallant competition with HONDA Racing.

Patronelli Wins Quad Competition DAKAR LIVE! 2016

The vaunted Patronelli Family wins another DAKAR in their native land of Argentina today.

 Stephan Peterhansel Wins Car Competition!

Congratulations to Peugeot and Stephan Peterhansel in their impressive win today at DAKAR LIVE! 2016. More stories will be told about this competition, HERE on OFF-ROAD LIVE!

De Rooy Wins second DAKAR Truck Competition!

In the huge truck competition of the DAKAR LIVE! 2016,
the De Rooy Team took away their second ever win from the Argentina-Bolivia international motorsports rally-raid here, in January 2016.

FINAL CARS! * Peterhansel First, Al Attiyah Second, De Villiers Third, Overall!

FINAL MOTOS! * Aussie Moto-Toby Price, Svitko Second, Quintanilla Third Overall!





Peterhansel rolls a double six as Price opens his account! The 38th edition of the Dakar ended in Rosario today with Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) wrapping up his sixth triumph in the car category and Toby Price, racing in the motorcycle category, stamping his name on the list of winners for the first time. Marcos Patronelli grabbed another victory in the quad race, while Gerard de Rooy made it two in the truck category. Today's stage was marked by Sébastien Loeb's fourth victory and Pablo Quintanilla's triumph in the motorcycle race. Words cannot do justice to the latest exploit of Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot). Now a six-time winner of the car category, Mister Dakar brought balance to his trophy room by claiming as many victories in a car as he did on a motorcycle. "Peter", with 12 victories under his belt, consolidates his iron grip on the race. His sixth win was built on a single stage, but what a stage it was! By his own admission, the man from Vesoul "went crazy" on the dunes of Fiambalá, as he sometimes did on a motorcycle, and turned on the afterburners. Stage 10 saw the Peugeot driver smash the opposition, throwing caution to the wind and capitalising on the misadventures of his direct rivals. It was an out-of-this-world performance. However, it was no walk in the park for the Peugeot driver. Master strategist Peterhansel bided his time when his famous new teammate, Sébastien Loeb, took the race by storm in the first week. Some pressure here, some psychological warfare there and a minimal amount of mistakes made the difference between the Peugeot drivers and separated him from other rivals. Stéphane Peterhansel was also the only driver of the Lion brand who did not run into trouble, a clear sign that restored Peugeot to its former glory 26 years after Ari Vatanen won at the wheel of a 405. No need to overlook Nasser Al-Attiyah's first-class performance at the wheel of a Mini, though. Never far from the Peugeots, who knows what the Qatari could have done had he not scuttled his own chances with a barrel roll at the entrance to the dune fields of Fiambalá? Finally, Giniel de Villiers finished third and featured in the top 3 for the fourth consecutive time. The rock-solid South African earned Toyota another podium, quite an exploit in view of the star-studded field. Sébastien Loeb lit the fireworks in the 38th edition, winning four stages, spectacularly veering off the course, being plagued by mechanicals… The whole rally raid package. The latter two must have been bitter lessons for the nine-time world rally champion, but every journey starts with a single step and Loeb is a fast learner… 

CLICKY>>>Laia Sanz reportedly finished with a broken collarbone, today! 
Stay tuned to OFF-ROAD LIVE! for more reports>>>


OFF-ROAD LIVE! Names Laia Sanz, LIVE! DAKAR 2016 Fiercest! CLICKY!

Moto Champion Laia Sanz named "Fiercest" DAKAR LIVE! Competitor this rally, 2016

Toby Price is another fast learner. Very fast. KTM's Australian leader, third in his debut last year, rode smartly to grab a clear win. Price, a good navigator impervious to pressure, which came especially from the Honda camp, wasted precious little time wandering around. If KTM wants someone to fill Marc Coma's boots, the Austrian maker need look no further: the heir is here! 29-year-old Toby Price, the first Aussie to win the race, looks every bit the new Dakar boss in a category that is undergoing a major renewal. Behind him, Štefan Svitko (KTM) continues to make progress. Ninth in 2014 and fifth last year, he achieved his goal for this year's edition by finishing on the podium for the first time. Pablo Quintanilla took the bottom step. The Chilean may not have been as consistent as the two riders in front of him, but he still managed to produce an excellent performance. As for the rookies, fourth-placed Kevin Benavides stormed onto the Dakar scene, just like Frenchmen Adrien Van Beveren (sixth) and Antoine Méo (seventh). Van Beveren, a two-time winner of the Enduropale du Touquet, got stronger as the race went by and steadily climbed up the general classification, but Meó was surely the unluckiest rider in the Dakar. Sitting third overall with two days to go and two stage wins in the bag, Méo sacrificed his podium spot in a heartbeat in order to support Toby Price. However, a heavy fall in the penultimate stage turned the end of the Dakar into a nightmare for the five-time world enduro champion. Not the reward he deserved for the last fortnight… The Patronelli Bros. executed a perfect comeback to the quad category. Marcos, now a three-time winner, and runner-up Alejandro had the race tied up shortly before the halfway point. They defeated a surprising Brian Baragwanath, who finished his second participation on the podium. He will be worth keeping an eye on in 2017. Finally, Gerard de Rooy took his second win in the truck category without breaking a sweat. Iveco's Dutchman prevailed over 2015 champion Ayrat Mardeev and Federico Villagra, an Argentinian who tried his hand at the truck category after two editions of the Dakar in a car. All in all, 84 motorcycles, 23 quads, 67 cars and 44 trucks completed the 9,500 km long race, out of 358 competitors on the start line of the 38th edition —a finish rate of more than 60%.




The MICHELIN Tire/Peugeot Story...You haven't heard about this one?!?! HUGE...Only reported HERE on OFF-ROAD LIVE!

During the Baja 1000 'strange' new BFGoodrich/MICHELIN tire showed up on one of the race-cars. Because the only tire inspectors in that race work for BFGoodrich, nothing was said at the time.

Peugeot MICHELIN DAKAR Tire Running the Baja 1000 2015 OFF-ROAD LIVE! EXCLUSIVE!

This tire was used in the Baja 1000 in Mexico, November 2015. The next time it shows up, its in the biggest off-road race in the world, DAKAR 2016! The Blow-Up after other teams realize its been 10 years since they've received a new Michelin DAKAR tire and Peugeot received and tested them, all on their own!

Later, when spectators were looking through their photographs, behold!, 'NEW' tires. Not officially announced and Jackson Motorsports (the marketing arm of MICHELIN in North America) refused to answer any questions.

Where did this tire show-up next?

DAKAR, in South America...on the Peugeot's!!!
This 2016 Peugeot-MICHELIN Tire DAKAR information is the most explosive in off-road sport history...

OFF-ROAD LIVE! has the entire story...and will post it HERE during todays last stage of 2016 DAKAR! Stay Tuned>>> 

The Peugeot fueling issues. The HONDA Moto results changes. The stage changes and the countries of PERU and CHILE dropping out. Has the DAKAR Rally jumped the shark? More>>>


 UPDATE! 14th January:

"Dakar organisation "a mess", says KaryakinDakar Rally quad class frontrunner Sergey Karyakin has hit out at the organisation of the event, calling the rally so far "a mess".Karyakin, a stage winner in 2014, was briefly in the lead of the 2016 rally during week one before having time added on, which dropped him down the order. The Russian currently sits fourth, an hour and a half down on quad class leader Marcos Patronelli."I want to think that I won't have any more penalties - or problems with the organisers," Karyakin said after Wednesday's stage."Every day I have to deal with the stewards and their mistakes until the late evening."Honestly, it's a mess. I haven't seen anything like it in amateur competitions - and this is Dakar.""


Mr. Peter  DAKAR Fuel Issues:

"Race officials decided not to penalise Stéphane Peterhansel after Mini filed a complaint for 'refuelling in an unauthorised area'.Mini was not satisfied with this decision and said it would lodge an appeal with the FIA's International Court of Appeal. The Court should rule on the admissibility of their request in three days' time, before the rally finishes in Rosario." 

1) this was appealed to the FIA, not to a branch of the ASO. The ASO and FIA are different organizations correct? Does the ASO even have to recognize a ruling by the FIA? and 2) it only said that the FIA court has to rule on the "admissibility" of the request, not as to its merit or make a decision within these three days. They could find that the complaint is "admissible" within 3 days but take 3 MONTHS to make a decision from how I read which point Mr. Peter would have already been crowned and no one will want to take the crown away from him.

Mr. Peter left Mini because they wouldn't let him race Roma to the finish 2 years ago.

UPDATE! The ASO Announced his fuel dump was pre-authorized.


Dakar PHOTOS gallery: ...Summary....











Peugeot Team Video Updates CLICK HERE

January 6, 2016 UPDATE
The Pugs take, 1, 2, 3, 5 in Marathon Stage 4! 

 This report from our reporter, in South America: "The latest generation PUG vers 2.1 is much more like the last evolution of the old (1997) Citröens is appearance... wide stance, sleek body shell/side panels, aggressive front approach angle... but there is not one part on them that would interchange... a whole new technical generation. The V6 petrol mid engined Citröens had 285/R16" tyre/rims and 4WD via a central diff with anything from 70/30 to 60/40 front/rear bias.

The new Vers 2.0 PUG has 2WD (rear wheel), 35" wheels and far greater wheel travel (which in the Citröen Days was limited to 300/350mm).

The latest PEUGEOT 2008 DKR is light years ahead of last years turd. The car they fronted with in 2015 (i believe) was a result of the PR media pressure (and sponsor conditions with RedBull) to get the team to the start after the bug media coup that PEUGEOT were returning to DAKAR after 25 years away. In the "red tide" hey day of PEUGEOT/CITRÖEN under the guidance of Jean Todt and Guy Frequelin... PEUGEOT would never have fronted to a DAKAR with such an unproven vehicle... wherever Jean T' red stormtroopers turned up... they came prepared - and they literally stomped the competition.

The new PUG Vers 2.1 bears very little technical similarity to it's predecessor - other than the driver/nav cockpit, the basicengine/transmission configuration and the colour scheme. They scarpped the entire front end from the windscree and re-designed the rear chassis suspension completely. Like the car itself, the team and personel under Bruno Famin bear little resemblance to those involved with the "red tide" of the 90's... one thing that this years effort show's though - that the "take no prisoners through technical superiority" of the Citröen hey day.

PUG vers 2.1 is the car that they should have developed from the start... but perhaps the "turd" was the dud they needed to get the fire in their belly.

This year they have the most star studded driver line up, and a vehicle (supposedly better suited to off piste - but surprisingly capable on the WRC roads thus far - perhaps in no little amount due to the rally skills of Sebbe and Carlos). With Peterhansel and Despres DAKAR resumé... PEUGEOT is looking imposing at this stage."

September 21, 2015 Original Post
DAKAR 2016 Pre-Event Analysis & Hands-On Drives

This downsized event will be displayed LIVE! here at OFF-ROAD LIVE! We'll begin LIVE! More Ride-Alongs are scheduled for January 15-17, Ride-Along's starting December 26 & 27 in...DAKAR Style.

For this years coverage, we'll follow the Peugeot Team. Peugeot has revealed its 2016 Dakar Rally challenger – a complete overhaul of the car that failed to make any impact on the French firm's return this year. Peugeot Sport director Bruno Famin told OFF-ROAD LIVE! an evolution of the 2008 DKR was always part of the plan, but the new car appears more of revolution. 

The 'DKR16', which produces more power from the three-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, is longer, wider and lower. Front and rear overhang has been reduced, while the aerodynamics have been improved via heavily revised hood and roof air intakes. The car's suspension has been redesigned, and improved weight distribution comes courtesy of changes including the use of magnesium one-piece wheels and lighter Michelin tires. The car completed its sign-off test session in Morocco. 

There isn't one big change we have made on our car," said Famin. "Instead it has been a series of small evolutions in different areas, which together we hope will amount to an overall improvement. "The tests we have carried out up to now, as well as our one-two finish in China recently, indicate we are heading in the right direction." It is hoped the new car could compete on one other event ahead of the 2016 Dakar, but Famin said expectations remained realistic.
"We are not even in the middle of this program yet," he told OFF-ROAD LIVE! "We are still near the beginning. 

We talk about three years of visibility for Peugeot in Dakar, but there's no limit to how long [Peugeot will continue]. We could say we go to win in 2016, but most likely that won't be the case and we say that for 2017." Following his China Silk Road win in Peugeot's interim model number '2008 DKR', Stephane Peterhansel said the new car was a further improvement. "You can really feel the difference now that the car is longer and wider, with a lower centre of gravity, because it's a lot more stable so cornering speeds are faster," said the 11-time Dakar winner. "You can feel the difference in the engine as well: not only is it more powerful but also you can use all the power even at low revs. "We've almost got a 'problem' now of how to manage all that power most effectively, but this is a very nice problem to have. 

We're still not at the maximum of our capabilities, but testing has been very productive so far." Peterhansel's two-time World Rally champion teammate Carlos Sainz was similarly upbeat. "It's been good testing and the car has been running really well," he said. "The potential of the car is much, much bigger than it was at this time last year and reliability has been solid too. "We've changed quite a lot in the car in many key areas, so really we can call this one a completely new car compared to last year. I feel optimistic." Peugeot managed 11th and 34th on its return to Dakar in January, 2015. 


Sheldon Creed Named Robby Gordon Second Driver in DAKAR '16! 

UPDATE! January 15

Original Story:

Sheldon Creed Named Robby Gordon Second Driver in DAKAR '16!

Sheldon Creed Exclusive Interview!

Conducted During SEMA and prior to his SST Season Championship. Creed already knew more about the Robby Gordon DAKAR effort, than he could publicly give-up. But he did talk more than what he was supposed to reveal about DAKAR 2016.

OFF-ROAD LIVE! talked with the young driver, over a chinese lunch, in Las Vegas. The biggest take-away for the desert off-road fans is Sheldon has some San Diego ties that deliver desert racing, like no-other.

"I have some great friends in racing in San Diego, California." Creed spent a good deal of his valuable time in Las Vegas, considering the future and 2016. Most, he was told, he couldn't talk about.

On December 15, Robby told OFF-ROAD LIVE! "Sponsors have helped and we have put alot a faith in Sheldon and his Driving Ability, he has pure Speed and is top notch this is why he got the ride, he is not buying the seat....

I know this is dropping him in the Deep End but I know hes ready for the Challenge, I remember people saying I wasn't ready for the Venable Class 8 Truck or the Toyota Mickey Thompson Program but the results from back then then speak for themselves, This Kid is ready

Sheldon spent last summer working at our shop and training Max so his mechanical skills are good and the biggest challenge will be for Jonah is to pull back the rains and cruise to 1/2 way and then maybe cut him loose as they will gain the experience through the Rally, Remember this kid grew up in Glamis."

"My involvement with Robby Gordon is the most important work I'm concentrating on, right now", Creed said. "I've won the season championship in SST before even getting in the truck this weekend, here in Las Vegas", Sheldon Creed commented.

"I'm looking forward to working with Robby after the SST finishes here in Vegas. I can't talk too much, but, I'm practicing all new stuff I've never done before", he continued.

In November at SEMA, Creed was at the top of the world, SST Season champion and  working toward driving in DAKAR, at 18 years of age, the youngest driver ever, in DAKAR!


Our LIVE! Coverage Starts January 2, 2016. OFF-ROAD LIVE!

Earlier in 2015, the DAKAR organization was stunned when Chile & Peru cancelled their participation in the 2016 event. At that time, the event was scheduled to be over 8,000 kilometers in race distance. The event is now downsized.

The event primer 2016, has not been downsized! CLICK HERE









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