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OFF-ROAD LIVE! Bryce Menzies WINS MINT 400 2018

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1st Race -2 Laps
1st Race – 3 Laps

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The Time Trials Accident finally updates:
"I am with the race team who had the terrible accident at the Mint 400 Time Trials last week. As many of you witnessed, our Trick Truck #101 crashed coming around a corner, rolled, and then immediately caught fire. The driver was able to escape with no major injuries but our co-driver could not escape quick enough and sustained burns to his feet, legs, right arm, and inhaled quite a lot of smoke during the incident as well. He is going to be all right in the long run, but will take a lot of recovery. He has already had 4 surgeries and is on a ventilator to help with the smoke inhalation. He has a wife and 12 year old daughter who are in Vegas currently with him and plan on staying with him until they can all come home to Grand Junction, CO. BITD officials, fans, fellow racers have all reached out and have been in contact with Jeremein's wife, Jamee. We are all so thankful for the gracious words of encouragement and uplifting comments. You guys don't even know how much it's helping right now to not feel alone during this!! We have started a GoFundMe to help his family with their stay in Vegas during his recovery, their bills that won't be covered by insurance, and to help with other expenses until he can get back to work. If you guys would like to help in any way or share it so it gets out to more people, that would be great and so helpful, the link address is:"

More lost desert racing fanatics: **"What a joke of an event. Parking was a disaster! Get your **** together! what was the point of buying a parking pass? That was a total cluster."

**"I was one of the people that was stupid enough to buy a VIP pass and let me tell you it was the worst experience ever between Rick Johnson and the other douchebag announcer (Bob 'Boob' Bowers) they would not shut up the stage was so big you couldn't see any of the race I finally said screw I couldn't listen to any more of those announcers so we got our own beer and went over to the Dyke jump. I will never buy a VIP pass again Giant waste of money and and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way because there was people wearing VIP badges they were spectating everywhere but the VIP section cuz it sucked".

Racers comments on the massive CF:
**"Race #2 staging and start was the most disorganized thing that I have seen in a while. I was not there to see the TT's and 1500 classes leave the start but when it came time to the 6100's to leave there was chaos. The line up was not correct based on qualifying and then the person starting the race ran out of vehicles to start. The rest of the 6100's and 4400's where stuck somewhere in the back staging area. Then the starter person and the 'tracking company' person where yelling and screaming at each other and were close to fighting from my perspective. To me it looked like the 'tracking company' people where holding up the vehicles getting to the starting line but I'm not sure what exactly was going on. Did they run out of trackers? It was an absolute cluster and embarrassing to watch. Has this event grown so fast that the level of people to run it has not been keeping pace?"

**"What worries me now is the announcement of the bikes and atv's now joining the party which will create even more challenges. As you stated the number of vehicles in the area was mind numbing. These problems need to be fixed before the event is made bigger. I have been to spectator area 4 in years past and it was pretty bad back then, and like the other post states it is not getting better.To have 6100's qualify and then not start in the position you qualified is disappointing and a effort that might not be worth doing from a team's perspective."

**"How about if you smash into someone so hard that it spins them around, rolls them over, and destroys their car, maybe you should stop and see if they are OK?".

 **"Casey was never a fan of spectating or outside support, which is actually pretty awesome but the over hyped mint marketing crew (Mad Media) persuaded him with $$$$ and year after year they let those who think they are going to watch some awesome racing down, sounds like this year no different."

Today's Race Headlines 

*UPDATED! Bryce Menzies first Trick Truck through pit 2 last lap of three laps - 100 mile laps

*Race UPDATE End of Lap 2 of 3 in the Afternoon Race Leaders #18, #93, #7, #1501, #96, #91, #62, #41, #76

*Toby Price Quote: 
"Such a sick morning, just passed the truck onto Jesse Jones, we started 11th and we are running 2nd (I think) overall on time and about 4.30 minutes off the physical lead after me getting out! Let’s bring her home Jesse Jones and get it done!"

*Trick Truck #101 Andrew Blood (38), Stephen Caskey (36), Jeremein Sandoval (40), Co-Driver in the Las Vegas Burn Unit after rolling over and burning during the Starting Trials on Thursday.*

*Racer Jason Voss was penalized down to the number 32 starting spot after being penalized for hitting a safety cone. On Friday, the penalty was removed, Voss is set for a top 10 start.*

*Robby Gordon racing in the UTV class with his son, twelve year old, Max Gordon.*

LIVE! MINT 400 March 5-10

Las Vegas, en Vivo! Nevada Desert Off-Road Race  








Last years LIVE! MINT 400 Champion Rob Mac dueling in the Starting Trials

**Friday, March 9 at

*Update 12 High Noon at contingency, racers are reporting contingency is taking them at least five to six hours! LIVE! ONLINE CONTINGENCY REPORT!

*Update 8:30 AM Rain now forecast for the second race event on Saturday. After 2PM Saturday, chance of showers 40%.

*Update 8 AM Contingency continues on Fremont Street

*Massive road closures throughout Las Vegas Metro area snarling racers and fans race plans, Project Neon on HWY 15 the major cramp on travel plans.

**Thursday, March 8 at 

*Update 11 PM #62 Trick Truck, Ryan Poelman Team Motorsports wins 2018 Pit Crew challenge.

*Update 8:03 PM Finally! Mad Media figures out how to get audio out of their feed! Congratulations!

*Update 8 PM Local Vegas Time, why does Mad Media have such a major problem streaming online???
Same problem happened several years ago when the DeZert race community and Mad Media were doing the stream from in front of the iconic El Cortez Hotel-Casino!

No audio!!! The CF continues, Stay Tuned>>>

The race stream produced by the Martelli Brothers became the laughing stock, when the total disaster 'race stoppage' occurred with the sanction having no 'stoppage rules'. Robby Gordon later explained the race results that year were AFU, no-one could prove who actually won the race... More Loading...

*Update 7:30PM Time Trials Posted

*Update 6PM Time Trial Results to be posted HERE at 7PM, followed by Miss Mint 400 and Pit Crew Party at 7:30PM, Contingency will close on Fremont Street at 10PM Local Vegas Time

*Update 2 PM Co-Driver in the Las Vegas Burn Unit, co-driver has some burns around the neck area. Trick Truck #101, rolled and burned. Andrew Blood (38) Grand Junction, CO., Stephen Caskey (36) Grand Junction, CO., Jeremein Sandoval (40) Grand Junction, CO.  
One team suffered a rollover where one of the occupants had to be life flighted out with burns, BITD reported that they were in stable condition.
Story Loading>>>

*Update 10:47 AM: Many issues with todays trials, having multiple trucks on the course at a time. From the "Safety Director": "Not sure if you are aware but if a driver is catches dust that impacts his performance on the staggered start method we use, the driver can request a re-run for time. If he does the re-run he forfeits his original time he got. Potts was offered a rerun but chose not to take it. Out of 75 Unlimited and 52 6100's that took to this course today, less than a handful had dust from catching others. I can tell you from the section of course I had to take, this was the nastiest most miserable course I have ever seen used for qualifying."

There was an accident on the race course and Time Trials / Live stream will resume shortly.

*8:30 AM

Good Morning Las Vegas! You ready for the real?!

400 vehicles are registered for the 2018 LIVE! MINT 400, making it the largest CF off-road race in North America. Only 150 of those vehicles get to participate in the Las Vegas Strip Procession.

“It is a logistics issue,” explains Mad Media’s Josh Martelli. “You can only tie up so much of the Las Vegas Strip for so long.” Mad Media has worked for years with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department to make the procession possible; one of only two times a year in which the famous Strip is closed down to normal traffic. Race vehicles lined up at the legendary “Welcome To Las Vegas” and were led by a police escort in front of thousands of people lined up along The Strip. “Bringing off-road racing to the masses is one of the goals of The Mint 400 and parading down Las Vegas Blvd in front of the public is definitely one way to get people’s attention”. Drivers of everything from Trick Trucks to UTVs to buggies fulfilled the dream of driving a race car down the Strip to their final destination at Atomic Liquors on Fremont Street.

The night was capped off with the "Rubbing Elbows with Legends", where participants enjoyed with some of the greatest champions of off-road racing from the past and the present. Rob MacCachren, Sal Fish, Walker Evans, and Rod Hall were just a few of the names in attendance who enjoyed the three-course dining experience, for $125 per person. Except for the "legends", the experience was comped.

A reporter was in Jean for the 'Legend' thing. In reality, this was a paid for prerun of the Mint 400 2018 race course in golf carts. Several dozen people were there. On "the other side of the valley", meaning, all the way over at stateline, the UTV-only "Mint 400 Legends Rally" covered 75-miles of rugged terrain in Jean, Nevada. “The UTV market is booming, and we want to give people a positive introduction to the desert community”, said Mad Media.

 Festivities for The Great American Cluster Fuck kick into high gear on Thursday with the Time Trials for Trick Truck, 1500 Unlimited buggies, and 6100 trucks to determine starting order for Saturday’s 50th Mint 400. We'll bring the fun to you ONLINE from iconic Fremont Street, with tech and contingency, Miss Mint competition, Pit Crew Challenge, and The OFF-ROAD LIVE! MINT 400 Fiesta!

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Beginning Odds From LIVE! MINT 400 Betting

*Saturday, March 10, The Biggest CF in Off-Road, LIVE! MINT 400 Race From Las Vegas Nevada,



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