Nissan Super Girl at Oceanside Crowns 17 Year Old Local Surfer Samantha Sibley

Nissan Super Girl Surf Pro Podium, local girl Samantha Sibley from San Clemente taking 1st Place! youngest champ ever at 17 and moving from world surf ranking of 52 to (6th) sixth. Tati West 2nd, Bronte Macaulay Caroline Markss tie for 3rd.
The 2019 Nissan Super Girl Sirf Event at Oceanside California saw strong waves during the first two days of the contest and slacked to 2 to 4 foot conditions on Sunday for the final. In 74 degree water and variable sky conditions, the surfing competitors liked the cloudless skies for visibility.

Oceanside is proving itself to be the surf contest venue of choice in Southern California. A massive new hotel is being built right next door to the surf venue and the local community has embraced the sport and the business the event brings to town.

World class location, superb sports choices and unique off-road action makes the July SuperGirl an annual Must-Do for active ladies from around the globe!

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